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What to Wear: Thanksgiving Dinner

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Tiffany in an orange Perfectly Priscilla Sweater

I love Christmas and have already switched over the majority of my décor from Halloween to Christmas. Even with my Christmas love I don’t want to skip Thanksgiving.

I don’t host Thanksgiving at my house so I decorate early since no one will be here and it is easier for me to just get it done early. Earlier thank normal this year too because it’s 2020 and the rules just don’t apply anymore.

So things I love about Thanksgiving. I mean, the food of course. Something about Thanksgiiving food feels a little more special and homey than Christmas food. Thanksgiving also is less pressure than Christmas. It feels more about family and less pressure since there are no gifts.

A few of our traditions are to get up and eat breakfast, which is usually pumpkin pie, and watch the Macy’s Parade. Since that isn’t happening this year I am sure that we will fill our morning with something fun. We go to my parents and eat lunch, play in the yard and then come home so I can go Black Friday shopping.

What am I looking for in clothing for Thanksgiving? Easy, comfy and cute. I teamed up with Perfectly Priscilla for this one and am making some fun Thanksgiving options for you in three different trends.

Free and Easy

I know that some of us will just be staying home for Thanksgiving this year due to the pandemic. A lot of my friends that typically travel to family are just staying in their own area this year. This gives you the opportunity for a really relaxed holiday which means… Loungewear!

Perfectly Priscilla loungewear
Top // Pants


If you are wanting to stay relaxed but wear something a step above loungewear I think a tunic and legging combo is the perfect outfit!


If you are like me you may still want to dress up even if the holiday is casual. I am usually the most dressed up at our holiday gatherings. I like the idea of doing something dressy that still feels cozy and warm.

Perfectly Priscilla Sweater Dress
Perfectly Priscilla Sweater Dress

No matter where you spend Thanksgiving or how you celebrate it will be as cozy and fun as you make it. Things may be different but that doesn’t mean they can’t still be special.



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