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Super King Party – Family Halloween Costume

The kids 100% had creative license over this years family Halloween costume and I think it might be one of my favorites. Super King Party!

King Family Halloween Costume - Super Mario Party
King Family Halloween Costume - Super Mario Party
King Family Halloween Costume - Super Mario Party
Princess Peach

In a previous post I talked about how I think about Halloween basically as soon as it is over. It’s true. I planned out Jurassic Park shoot for over a year. It’s true. Halloween is a lot of fun but it is also a lot of work so I like to know that I can get the things I need and start planning early.

The first thing I did was let the kids pick a theme. They definitely wanted to be a video game so we had to think about which ones had enough characters for us all to find something we liked. They settled on Super Mario Party and we just made it Super King Party.

Boys Super Mario Party Costumes

I went oldest to youngest choosing what they wanted to be. Peyton picked Bowser, Paxton wanted Link, Porter chose Mario and then they all wanted me to be Princess Peach. We were up in the air about Justin until we started talking about what magical powers they all had and we decided he would be Yoshi so Porter could ride on his back.

All of the costumes came from Amazon. It is just my go to place these days for costumes and wigs. They always have a lot of options at good prices.’

Pro Tip… Want to know how to make a headpiece stay on a wig? Cable ties! I learned this in my Prima Donna days. It holds it right on no matter how heavy it is.



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