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It’s Sweater Weather: 4 Sweater Styles You Need This Fall

Have you ever seen this SNL skit? It’s Sweater Weather!!

{This post is sponsored by Perfectly Priscilla Boutique}

Fall is creeping it’s way in this year. We just had our first real cool front and it has me ready for sweater weather.

The last few posts I have written are steering you towards a collection you could be creating. I know that this year has changed all of our situations with going out and celebrations and work. The amount of clothing we need or are buying has changed a lot. My goal in these posts is to help you start to create a capsule that will work for you and your needs.

If you are unfamiliar with what a capsule wardrobe
is than read this post.

The goal in a capsule is to have items that will work in a variety of ways. So rather than saying buy this exact sweater I am encouraging you to find something that will work within your existing closet.

Today I am rounding up four sweater styles that you should have in your closet this year and Perfectly Priscilla Boutique had everything I needed.

Crew Neck

Crew necks will always be classic, easy to wear and the perfect item to dress up or dress down a look. I liked this one because the knit is medium weight and I loved the colors for my fall wardrobe.

Tiffany in Perfectly Priscilla crew neck
Tiffany in Perfectly Priscilla crew neck sweater


Tunics look perfect with leggings of all types. I especially like them with me leather leggings or pants. I twisted the side of this one and did a little tuck to bring up the length but it is still so cute and fun.

Tiffany in Perfectly Priscilla tunic leopard print sweater
Tiffany in Perfectly Priscilla leopard print tunic


The cardigan is a southerners dream for two reasons. First, when we enter the dreaded cool in the morning and warm in the afternoons they are perfect to take on an off. Second, they give you that look of a fall outfit without adding the weight of a jacket. I like to go with neutral for the most part when it comes to cardigans but this leopard one was calling my name.

Tiffany in Perfectly Priscilla cardigan
Tiffany in Perfectly Priscilla cardigan


Skinny jeans or leggings an oversized sweater is going to be the perfect addition to your closet. They are easy to wear and look great off the shoulder. If you want to define your waist more just do a little front tuck. They always give me the cozy fall vibes.

Tiffany in Perfectly Priscilla oversized orange sweater
Tiffany in Perfectly Priscilla oversized orange sweater

Sweater weather is such a cozy time of year but make sure when you are getting those sweaters that they are comfortable. No one, not one person, likes an itchy sweater so check those fabric descriptions before purchasing.



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