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The Candy Garden

When Justin and I first moved into our house we were blown away by how many trick or treaters we had each year for Halloween. Being on the main boulevard in our neighborhood and on the corner means we get all of the trick or treaters. It really became on of out favorite nights.

Halloween Pandemic Ideas Trick of Treating Candy Garden

After having kids we started trick or treating with them and not handing out candy. I would usually buy a little and give it to our neighbors so they could hand out extra and we would take the kids around the neighborhood.

This year obviously everyone is talking about what to do for Halloween? Will we or won’t we have trick or treating? What will that look like? Obviously like a lot of things in 2020 Halloween will be different but different can still be fun!

I saw a few ideas on Pinterest of what people were planning and the candy garden seemed fun. I practiced with it to see how it would come out and this is what I did…

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How To…

I decided to use non candy items. I am planning on putting this out early in the day when I have the time and because of that I wanted things that weren’t going to melt. You never know it could be 90 degrees here on Halloween.

Pandemic Halloween Candy Garden

I picked cheese balls (TBH I steal these out of the boys candy each year), fruit roll up, gushers, fruit gummies and pretzels.

Supplies for creating the candy garden

I bought skewers and attached the candy to them with hot glue.

Supplies for creating the candy garden
Attaching the skewers to the back of the treats for the candy garden

This is about 50 packages of treats. I put them out just to see how much it would fill. My plan is to do 200 and have this entire are full.

Pandemic Halloween Candy Garden
Pandemic Halloween Candy Garden

Like most things this year it will definitely be different but it still can be fun and this may be my new way of distributing candy for the next few years.



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