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Decoding the “Jean Jargon” with Perfectly Priscilla Boutique

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Finding the right jeans isn’t always simple. There are a lot of things that go into the right fit. It seems, like swimsuits, jeans are something that are never one size fits all.

I just picked up two new pairs from Perfectly Priscilla Boutique….

Tiffany in Perfectly Priscilla Distressed Jeans
Tiffany in Perfectly Priscilla Distressed Jeans

With the lengthy process there is to find jeans there is also a level of decoding all of the jargon that comes with them. I wanted to give you some insight into the terms you will hear about denim.


These are pretty straight forward definitions. The rise indicated where the waist band will hit on your torso.

Low – low rise jeans are going to sit low on the hips. My rule on thumb is that anything under my naval is low rise for my body shape.

Mid – mid rise jeans typically sit between the hip and the navel. For me and my body they sit right on my naval.

High – high rise jeans are high on the hip and typically 3 inches above the naval.


Fit is very subjective. There are on million different fit terms for jeans. Seriously… ultra low rise super skinny, rockstar fit, straight leg boyfriend fit, and on and on. A lot of the variation is brand specific so I am going to try to discuss the ones that are more widely used.

Curvy – I wanted to discuss this first because there is a lot of misconception about this fit and who it is for. Curvy is for straight or regular sized people that need a little extra room in the hip. These are not plus size jeans. If you are thicker through the torso you need to look for a plus size jean and not curvy.

Bootcut – bootcut jeans are more narrow in the knee than the leg opening. Most manufactures consider bootcut anything from 17 to 20 inch leg opening. If you like a fitted jean but don’t love the skinny look these are for you. Also, if you have a thicker calf these would be ideal.

Plus – These will be jeans above a size 14. Plus will come in all of the fits that straight size jeans are available in.

Straight – Straight leg jeans will be the same width from the hip to the hem.

Skinny – Skinny jeans will narrow from the hip to the hem. Unlike jeggins they usually have a zipper or button fly and belt loops.

Jeggins – Jeggins are similar to a skinny jean (narrow from hip to hem) but generally have an elastic waistband and not a zipper or buttons.

Button Fly – I prefer button fly jeans because I feel like they are a better fit for my stomach since that is a thicker part of my body. However this is usually a preference of aesthetics than anything.

Boyfriend – Boyfriend fit are slouchy and more relaxed. They are typically cut like mens denim.

Raw Hem – Unfinished hem. These are the easiest to modify the hem on your own.

Wide Leg – Wider in the knee and the leg opening. Usually 22 inches wide at the hem.

Flares – Flares will be fitted like a slim fit jean in the butt and thigh. At the knee they will widen to the hem. Usually 21 to 27 inches wide at the hem.

Distressed – If you want jeans that look like you have had them since high school these are the ones for you.



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