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Fun T-shirt Dresses and How to Style Them

T-shirt dresses are a wardrobe staple. They are easy to wear, work well in any season and are incredibly easy to style. With wardrobe staples basics usually work best but what about trying something a little more fun? I found some t-shirt dresses with fun prints and wanted to show you a few ways to style them.

When looking at something with an overall pattern or a large busy pattern I generally see people get nervous about how they are going to style it. I understand that feeling, and this is a big reason why I want to write more posts about how to style certain pieces of clothing. I know there are people out there who aren’t on a budget but that is not me and I am always keeping in mind how you can get your moneys worth out of an item.

Bon Temps Snoball Dress - Fun T-shirt dresses and how to style them
Bon Temps Snoball Dress - Fun T-shirt dresses and how to style them

Side Note: if you are looking for $500 dresses from a blogger this is not the place for you. I am always looking for things that are budget friendly which means not $500.

A few things to keep in mind…

  1. If you are going to get something with a bold pattern make sure that it works with your existing wardrobe. Don’t spend the money if you are going to have to buy a bunch of other items to make it work. Basically if your wardrobe is heavy on black then I would get something that works in that scheme.
  2. Make sure you REALLY like it. There is nothing worse than getting excited about something in the store and then getting home and never wearing it. Seriously this applies to everything with clothes. If it’s not a hell yes, then it’s a no. Not sure who originally said that but it’s not me and I am not trying to take credit for it.

I purchased this Bon Temps Snowball dress in the spring. I am a sucker for anything snowball and I thought it would be perfect for summer.

Bon Temps snoball dress - Fun T-shirt dresses and how to style them

Look one.

It’s easy to think of what you can put over a dress but think about what you can put it under too.

Tiffany in a T-shirt dress from Bon Temps - Fun T-shirt dresses and how to style them

Look two.

Always a jacket. The single easiest way to style anything is going to be to add a jacket.

Tiffany in a Bon Temps t-shirt dress with a jean jacket - Fun T-shirt dresses and how to style them

Look three.

Tee shirt dress with a tee is a total win in my mind.

Tiffany in a Bon Temps Boutique T-shirt dress with a graphic tee - Fun T-shirt dresses and how to style them

A few more tshirt dresses…

Unique Vintage Bats fit and flair dress
Bon Temps Fleur De Lis Dress
Unique Vintage Black and White Dress
Modcloth Jersey Print Dress
This is more of a fit and flair but I love that it is made out of jersey material and you could still style it the same way.

Don’t ever limit an outfit to just what you buy. Think of a fun new way to wear it. If what you plan isn’t working then just try something else. Fashion is fun with trial and error.



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