What’s the Name of Your School??? Dressing for Football Season.

It’s the first Saturday in September and College Game Day!  It is high holy season here in the south with the start of college football.  Weekends will now consist of ESPN, shouting and wearing purple and gold on Saturdays and black and gold on Sundays.  It’s basically fall y’all…

Southern ladies take dressing very seriously and football game day is no different.  It’s like a southern tradition to look your best while tailgating and wearing your team colors.  Each football season I really try to find options more than just a t-shirt or jersey.  I definitely have those in my game day wardrobe but I want other options too.  Especially because if you are attending a game or a party you may need to wear something a little more dressed up than just a tee.  For this reason I really try to find some pieces that will work in my regular wardrobe and also cross over to game day attire.

Accomplishing this for Saints games is easy with the color pallet of black and gold.  It’s a little more challenging for LSU being that the colors are purple and gold.  I am secretly ecstatic when purple is a color for fall because it means all the options.  In years it’s not as popular I have my favorite shops I know will come through for me with a cute and trendy purple and gold option.

I picked up this dress a few weeks ago at Fleurty Girl in Mandeville.  It really appealed to me because I knew I could wear the neckline multiple ways.  It was also comfortable and I loved the lace on the sleeves.  I also knew it would work dressed up or dressed down and I can wear it with booties or heels or flats.

Also, it was a happy coincidence that this purse that I purchased in the spring fits right into my LSU look.  Although this bag is not stadium approved.


When dressing for game day accessories are just as important as the actual outfit that you wear….

I have been thinking all things suede for months now.  I love a texture so this trend is one I am ok with staying around for a while.  I found this dress in a mega markdown sale at Old Navy of all places.  I picked it up for a completely different event than Saints games but as soon as I paired it with black I know it had a bigger purpose in life.  Paired with black this caramel beauty just screams a muted shade of gold.  It’s also soft and fitted and will work with my fall wardrobe perfectly.

Again, accessories are just as important as the outfit…

LSU Dress similar // Bootie // Stadium approved Bag // Necklace // Earrings // Bracelet

Saints Dress similar // similar Bootie // Stadium Approved Bag // Choker // Earrings  // Bracelet

Geaux Tigers and Who Dat!



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