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How to Style a Skirt Three Ways

When you are shopping it is important to look at an item and see how many outfits you can make with it. It’s a little challenge I pose to myself when I am shopping. I decided to take this ModCloth skirt and style it three different ways.

How to style a skirt three ways
How to

When I am spending over $50 on an item I like to be sure that I am going to wear it more than a few times. It’s always easier when you buy a complete outfit but for this I wanted to utilize things I already own. I decided to make three categories, a complete outfit I purchased from ModCloth, a top I purchased this season and then a piece I found in the back of my closet.

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Complete Outfit.

How to style a skirt three ways - Complete Outfit

I bought this outfit together from Modcloth (Skirt // Top). I love the nod to the seventies. It felt very retro and back to school fun. I paired it with the polka dot platforms because I love mixing pattern and added the hat for a little added style.

This Season Purchase.

This seasons purchase

Even though I purchased this skirt with the belt I wanted to try it with a top that covered the belt. I purchased this top earlier in the year from Target. It’s sold out but I did find a few tops that will fit the look like this and this and this.

Back of My Closet Item.

Back of my closet item

This tee is from at least three years ago. I love it and I hope it never falls apart. It’s something that will easily go with a lot of bottoms in my closet and I love that it isn’t see through. I found a few different options that would work like this and this and this.

**Remember you aren’t always trying to replicate the exact outfit I am wearing. Sometimes it is just a jumping off point for you to think of what you already own.

One More Thing…

ModCloth A-line skirts are an essential piece to a wardrobe. They are well made, hold their shape and color and they never go out of style. I don’t say that about many things because I believe everything has a shelf life but A-line skirts have always found a place in each and every decade of fashion. Although I purge my closet pretty regularly my ModCloth skirts are not something I part with. They are really that good. Check out this post too….



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