Springtime Circle Skirts from Modcloth

There is something about a circle skirt that just screams spring to me.  They are cute and fun but also incredibly versatile.  I have worn them for dressy occasions and also casual.  They work well with a lace blouse but you can pair them with a tee too.

Overall my favorite look though is a circle skirt with a bow top.  It just feels right.

In my opinion there is no where else to look for skirts like this other than Modcloth.  If you have never shopped with Modcloth before let me tell you a little bit about them.  They are vintage inspired and have patterns that you won’t see anywhere else.  They are the KING of mixing patterns and give me ideas I have never even thought of.  I am not usually a person who buys entire outfits that a company sells but with Modcloth I will.  There is just something about the outfits they put together that just work.

I had been looking for a red skirt for a while now and just couldn’t find the right one.  I really like red for spring and summer even though I think it can skew a little older at times.  I think the importance of buying the right red is really important and with this skirt i wanted to make sure that it was a bright, true red.  I truly believe that anyone can wear just about any color but it depends on the shade.  It’s not that you can’t wear red it’s that you are choosing the wrong shade.

Make sure when you are picking a bold color (reds, yellows, oranges) that you are picking tones that compliment your skin and eyes.  Each color has undertones and will bend to the right or the left of the color.  For example if you are looking at red it can bend left which would be your blue reds, center which is your true red and right which is your orange reds.  It’s all on a scale and it’s about you finding out where you fall on that scale.

I waited to buy this one when it went on sale which was hard to do because Modcloth will sell out of items from time to time.  So the skirt was a planned purchase but just like they always do to me the top popped up as a suggested buy.  So as you can see from the pictures I had to have that too….

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Sweater // Top;  I also want to get this and this // Skirt I also love this and this // Shoes; but these are so cute and so are these // Sunnies // Earrings


If you haven’t had a chance to read my essentials for spring this would be a good time to look back and check it out here.  You will see that I mention circle skirts in that post too.  If you are looking for a  good skirt that will get you through the spring and summer this is it.



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