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My Midlife Tune Up

This post is in partnership with NUR Medical Spa. I try to bring you information from sponsors like these from my personal experience.

I am 40 and I have not taken great care of my skin. For years I was an occasional sunscreen user and had a bad habit of sleeping in my makeup. Last year I really made skin care a priority taking time each day to wash my face and use vitamin c serum. I added a retinol and daily sunscreen and started getting vitamin c peels. All of this helped but it still didn’t get me to where I wanted to be overall. I thought the next step was going to be Botox and fillers and that’s when I met the doctors at NUR medical.

I knew it was time to seek out a medical spa when I wasn’t getting the full results I wanted. My hyperpigmentation was still slightly visible on my cheeks and the lines by my eyes and mouth were about as diminished as I was going to get them on my own.

Last week I was able to have a full evaluation with the entire staff from NUR Medical Spa. We had about a 45 minute discussion covering everything from how I feel about my skin to what they saw and then all of the services that they would recommend. I was pretty surprised that Botox was on the end of that list.

We came up with a six month plan that will include monthly treatments. We will revaluate my skin in about four months and see if we need to add Botox back into the plan. As of now the doctors are pretty optimistic that they will be able to get me the results I want without having to do any injections.

Where We Started

IPL. We decided to start with IPL to resurface my face and take care of the hyperpigmentation and also some of my fine lines. Susan was my esthetician and used a laser to resurface the skin on my face. They did this with a laser called the Gentle Max Pro which is more gentle to your skin and less painful than previous systems. I felt like the procedure gave me little shocks and I would jump now and then but it was not what I would consider painful.

Post proceedure I did have some redness and then dry, dark spots of pigment that flaked off. I will go back in 4 weeks and get another round of treatments.

Laser Hair Removal. I was really excited to try this. As I have gotten older I am having more and more issues with ingrown hairs in my underarms. I wanted to have all of the hair in my underarms removed. This procedure was a lot like the IPL. Slightly uncomfortable but not painful.

Initially after the procedure I had a little hair left in my underarms. Currently I have not had to shave in almost a week and before the proceedure I was shaving daily. No issues whatsoever with redness or swelling after the procedure.

Down The Line

When we made the overall plan for my treatment we had a list of things we were working on now and then things we may move to later. These are a few of the items in the plan for the next few months.

Hydrofacial. This is probably one of the services I am looking forward to the most. We decided to start with IPL and then do a Hydrofacial in about a month. I have been reading about Hydrofacials and how beneficial they are to cleaning out your pores. I was able to try this out on a small section on my hand and can immediately tell a difference. I think this will be great follow up to the IPL to clean out and refresh.

Microneedling. We decided to put this procedure on the maybe list. After my IPL treatments we will reassess my skin and see if we want to move to microneedling. This would be for the areas of fine lines to make them smoother and improve the overall appearance of my skin. I wrote a post recently about at home microneedling with a dermaroller and have since taken it down to further discuss with the estheticians.

Botox. This is last on the list. If we cannot achieve the reduction in lines that I am looking for then we will move to Botox. The doctors are pretty confident that we won’t have to do Botox or fillers and will achieve our goals with the other procedures so it is our last option on the list.

About the Spa

NUR Medical Spa is a full service medical spa with two doctors on staff. Their welcoming environment is relaxing and calm. You will be treated to a peaceful relaxation room while waiting for your srrvices as well as hot tea and a full outdoor lounge area. NUR is more than just a medical spa they are wellness focused for your body and mind.

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