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My Experience with Laser Hair Removal

This post is in partnership with NUR Medical Spa. All thoughts, opinions and ideas are mine.

I wanted to create this post at the start of my laser hair removal process so you can follow me through all of my treatments and see my final outcome. I will be updating this piece every six weeks.

As part of my midlife tune up I wanted to have laser hair removal. I have PCOS and because of that I get lots of weird little hair growth. I also feel since I had Porter that my underarms were especially dark and it seemed like I was shaving them daily. This also created issues like razor burn and bumps. The idea of having all of the hair gone was appealing.

What is Laser Hair Removal.

NUR Medical Spa uses the Gentlemax Pro Series for their laser hair removal procedures. This is one of the most effective and least painful laser treatments available. This system has an additional cooling element that immediately begins to cool your skin after each laser pulse. This makes the treatment much less painful.

The Gentlemax Pro Series delivers laser pulses into targeted areas on your body that effectively damage the hair follicle so the hair will not regrow after a set amount of treatments. Depending on the area treatments can take from a few minutes up to one hour.

I have PCOS so my results may vary. I could be hair free for years or I may need a touch up in 12 months. It can vary because of hormonal imbalances.

Know Before You Go.

There weren’t a lot of things I couldn’t do before I had my first procedure. They will remove your deodorant before they start. The hair can also be short so you don’t have to avoid shaving before your procedures.

I wore regular clothing to my appointment and they gave me a robe and wrap to change into once I was there.

Treatment One.

The procedure was uncomfortable but not painful. It was more of a shock each time they used the laser on my skin. It makes a sound and you feel the laser hit your skin. I was more bothered by the smell. I didn’t realize that you would smell the hair burning when they were using the laser.

The procedure took about 5 to 7 minutes with the actual laser and there was some prep time and then clean up. The time the laser was on my skin was very minimal. Susan, my technician, was very careful to clean the area and make sure there were no spots she missed.

Immediately after the procedure I had some burning in my underarms and they felt dry. They applied an aloe lotion and within 10 minutes the burning stopped. They told me to avoid sun exposure and to keep them moisturized.

After the first week I exfoliated my underarms and shaved. They were very smooth and I began noticing bumps I had from shaving start to go away.

Treatment Two.

My second treatment was much quicker and less uncomfortable than the first one. I saw some fine hair start to grow back about a week before I was supposed to go in. I did shave once so that I would just a have a smooth surface and plus it’s summer so I am always wearing tanks and swimsuits.

At this point I have noticed zero hair come back. I haven’t shaved since the treatment and that has been about 3 weeks at this point.

I will go back for my third treatment and possibly last in about 4 weeks.

Caring for the Area.

You will want to be gentle to the area for about a week. This procedure also makes you more susceptible to sunburn so remember to put sunscreen on your underarms.


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