Head Over Heels: Accessorizing Your Hair

I am always looking for new ideas for the blog. My good friend Mary Beth wrote me a message a few months ago asking me to write a piece about hair accessories. She said, “I see them in the store and just am not sure how to wear them.”

This type of post takes a lot of planning because I wanted each look to have an outfit, accessories, shoes as well as a headpiece. So I picked out some cute hats, headbands, headwraps and turbans and styled this shoot with Candra George from the OWEL Project.

This post contains affiliate links. All thoughts, opinion and ideas are mine.


I don’t make it a practice to buy clothes that I am unsure how I will style them. With head accessories I am a little different. If I see something that appeals to me I am going to pick it up and keep it and then when I have the right outfit I will wear it. Case in point is this headband. I purchased it from Au Darling more than a year ago and I just didn’t have the right thing to wear it with.

I found this dress at Madewell and it was the perfect piece to put with the headband. Pretty and preppy and cute. I love the whole look.

Thick headbands, half turbans and smaller head wraps are a great way to accessorize a plain dress but don’t be afraid to mix pattern too. You can easily wear these with your hair up or down, short or long. It is also great for when your hair hasn’t been washed in a few days.


I have wanted a turban for sometime now. I have not been able to find the one that I wanted so when I saw this one at Target I grabbed it. I like the option of a turban when you don’t want to wear a hat with a brim. Especially if you have a fantastic pair of sunglasses that you want to show off or don’t want to cast a shadow on your face a turban is a great choice.

Panama Hat

A hat is one of the easiest accessories to wear. Make sure that you get one that is fitted to your head but not too tight or too loose. Either way can be bad and not comfortable for long time wear. This hat has a great simple look and black band so it will go with just about anything from swimsuits to sundresses.


This is my favorite and I wanted to channel my inner Teggy French. Epic Glam. The piece de resistance is this beautiful head wrap made by Kelsey Campion of Fringe and Co. Wearing headwraps isn’t always easy because they require a knack to tie them. The Fringe and Co. headwraps have a wire in the base of the wrap. You don’t tie it as much as you twist the ends together to create the knot in the front.

I love that this wrap makes this look so extra but she also makes headwraps in gingham and cotton so the look can be over the top or more subdued. This looks awesome with a long maxi dress but would also work with jeans and a tee. It is much more versatile than you would think. Plus no one else is going to have something like this so what a way to stand out.

Final Thoughts

Just remember like any other accessory don’t let it compete with your outfit unless you want it to be the focal point. Headwear can compliment or stand on it’s own. It is all up to how you style it.



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