Wedding Guests Done Royally

The much anticipated wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markel is happening in just a few weeks.  I will be watching like the majority of the world in awe.  There are so many things that the English do right and weddings would be one of them.  Weddings should be something of wonder and reverence as it is one of the biggest commitments a couple will make.  Everything from the planning to the execution to the dressing is done right in the UK.

I love weddings.  Something about getting dressed up and listening to a couple pledge their life to one another just give me all the feels.  I am really one of those people who looks forward to getting a wedding invite and puts a lot of thought into what I am going to wear and the perfect gift to give.

Weddings Make Me Happy…



So we all know the basics of being a good wedding guest but what are something that really can hurt a brides day?  I teamed up with Kerrie and Jamie from Girls In Black – Events Management for this post for a few of their top Don’ts for being the perfect wedding guest…

#1 Don’t be late.
If you think it’s going to take you 30 minutes to get to the ceremony, park your car, potty and find a seat then you should schedule to leave one hour before the start time. Call us “old fashion” but its just rude to be late! If unforeseen circumstances have you rushing in after the processional has started then please wait until after the bride has made her grand entrance!

#2 No peaking!
If you’re not in the bridal party you should wait to see the bride! I know that its tempting to stop by the bridal suite for a quick visit. One of the most anticipated moments of the most exciting day of your life is definitely, the brides entrance! The ushers standing guard as the trumpets roar and the doors opening to reveal a beautiful bride for the first time. Every bride should be able to experience this glamorous moment!

#3 Don’t complain.
Your dream wedding may not have included an hour long mass, a mid-day river boat ride, a walk down a wooded-rocky path (with wooden benches as seats) or a second line at midnight, but it’s not you dream…it’s hers!

So go with the flow and enjoy something different that you might not usually do. We are so blessed to live in one of the most amazing destination wedding cities in the country. Guest attend weddings every weekend experiencing all new wedding traditions, and in a city like NOLA how could you not love every second!!!

There are so many terms now for dressing for events.  It’s not just black tie, cocktail and casual anymore.  Not there is Classy Casual, Outdoor Chic, Beach Formal, Upscale Boho, Casual Cocktail…  What do all of these things mean?

It’s fun to embrace change and with changing styles and venue types for weddings means we will be pushed more outside of our comfort zone with what to wear.  But change is good and I am here to give you a dressing guide to decode all of these new terms.

I also wanted to include some of my favorite ladies that I thought would fit each of these themes…

{This post contains affiliate links.  All thoughts, choices and opinions are mine.}

Classy Casual (The Brandy)

Outdoor Chic (The Elsbet)

Beach Formal (The Whitney)

Upscale Boho (The Abby)

Casual Cocktail (The Jessica)

Most importantly think about footwear.  Think about the venue and where the ceremony will be held.  Lots of weddings are being held outdoors these days in not to conventional spots so your 4″ stilettos may not be the best choice.  If you don’t know about the location then definitely look it up or ask!




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