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The New Twin Set

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Jacket // Tank // Shorts

Did you ever wear a twin set? You know the matching sleeveless shell and cardigan? I loved a twin set. They were a standard look for church on Sundays and I wore them again in the early 2000’s when they made a comeback.

Even now they are still cute and an easy option to pair with a skirt or pants. The look is classic but there is always a way to elevate a classic style and make it new.

Enter the blazer. Blazer’s aren’t new but they are trending right now in a variety of ways. Pairing blazers with shorts, wearing them oversized or rolling up the sleeves.

Recently LOFT put out a set of blazers that had matching camisoles to go underneath them. It is such a cute look and really takes that matching look to the next level. I took my blazer and paired it with the matching shorts and chose a grey tank.

Here are a few of my favorite combos…

Jacket // Tank

Jacket // Tank

Jacket // Tank



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