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My Favorite Looks from the Royal Wedding

Harry and Meghan are officially the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.  I was on a girls trip in Florida the weekend of the wedding and woke up at 6 am to see the official ceremony live.  There seems like there is something really special between the couple and it was evident in the way they structured their ceremony and how they looked at one another.

I really love the culture and traditions of the British.  They seem to have such respect for tradition.  I love the ability to try new things but there is something special about doing things the way it has always been done.

One of these things would be dressing for occasions.  In the entire world the British are the best at dressing appropriately for special occasions.  One of the traditional things to wear to a wedding in England is a fascinator.

Hats and fascinators have been part of British dressing since the 15th century .  Unlike wide brim hats the fascinator does not really serve a purpose other than being fashionable and a conversation piece.  Ladies generally choose a fascinator that compliments or matches their dress.  It is not uncommon to see a lady wearing a hat, dress, gloves and shoes that all match.  Fascinators can be sculpture in nature or adorned with flowers or veils.

I love the opportunity to wear a hat.  Although there are not too many times we wear them in the US events like high tea and polo call for the perfect hat.

Hat courtesy of Haute Dames CoutureMeghan looked amazing at the wedding.  Her dress, veil and tiara choices were exquisite.  It made me so happy to see that she stayed true to her personal style and it really showed in her confidence as she glowed down the aisle.  But not to be outdone her guests also brought it.  By “it” I mean all the fashion.  These are a few of my favorite looks….


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Amal Clooney

This was my favorite look.  Amal is a fashion icon but the choice of this bold of a color and to wear it head to toe was a huge risk and one she pulled off flawlessly.  Amal’s skin tone and hair color allow her to wear a variety of colors.  The yellow in this outfit is even more striking on her because of the golden undertones in her skin.  You know you are beautifully dressed when I barely notice that you are standing next to George Clooney.  Amal is wearing a Stella McCartney dress and a Stephen Jones hat.

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Oprah Winfrey

Not only did I love the way this blush color looked against her skin it was an outfit I could see myself wearing.  The color and shape of the dress are very flattering and make her waist look thin and snatched.  I love that she went with a head to toe look but had the addition of flowers and feathers on the side of her hat.  Oprah is wearing Stella McCartney.

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Sofia Wellesley

I loved so many things about this look.  First of all it was so much different than anything else at the wedding.  The length and nod to the drop waist and texture in the pattern were all eye catching.  I love that when everyone else was going in the monochromatic direction that she pulled it out with something completely different and unexpected.  Of all the dresses at the wedding I am excited to see if this one is remade in a ready to wear look.  Sofia is wearing REDValentino.

Photo Courtesy of Eonline

Lady Kitty Spencer

This color was spectacular!  This look allowed the dress to be the star and everything else in the look just complimented it.  The shoes especially brought out a color in the dress that could have been overlooked.  I also really enjoyed that she shoes a fabric like velvet for the shoe which added a layer of richness.  Also, on a brunette this hat could have gotten lost in her hair but the way it pops off of the blonde is perfection.  Kitty is wearing Dolce & Gabbana.

Photo Courtesy of Harpars Bazaar

Doria Ragland

Megan’s mother looked like the perfect mother of the bride while following all of the British guidelines to dressing.  The color was muted and demure and neutral so it would photograph well but also complimentary to her skin tone and hair.  She dressed in something that looked good on her but also took into consideration something that would not outshine her daughter and her moment.  I was so pleased to see just how beautiful she looked.  Doria is wearing Oscar de la Renta.

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We wish the Duke and Duchess of Sussex the best and can’t wait to see how beautiful their little babies will be.

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