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Creating a Photo Collage in Your Home

Creating a gallery wall can feel like a big job but when you break it down into pieces it is a lot easier. I am going to give you some step by step instructions on how I created the gallery wall in my office.

Justin and I switched offices about a week before we began social distancing. The room my office was in had a door and Justin is on more calls per day than I am so it was practical to switch. We are still across the foyer from one another, just in different rooms. The current space I am in was our old dining room. The space is nice for me and there is a lot of natural light. The only issue was the fact that I was going to have to move my gallery wall.

This was the perfect opportunity to re-design the wall since I was going to have to move everything anyway. It also gave me the opportunity to document the process.

We Five King's Home Office

These are the steps I used to layout my wall.

Step One

With any project that involves hanging pictures the very first thing I do is prep the wall. I make sure that all of the holes are filled and touched up with paint. This guarantees a nice finished look.

Step Two

There are two ways to do this. One is to measure and build out the gallery on the floor first. Especially if you have a larger space this is a great option to see how it will look.

For this gallery wall I knew I wanted to fill a certain amount of space, a rectangle in the center of the wall. I started on the outside and worked my way to the center. The first thing I did was measure how much space I wanted between the corner of the wall and my pictures.

Photo Gallery Wall

Step Three

I started with the left side first. Measured from the ceiling to the top of my first picture and then did the same amount of space between the chair rail and the bottom of my last picture.

I worked across the bottom next making sure that the bottoms of my other pictures were all level.

Photo Gallery Wall

After I finished the bottom I continued up the right side creating my box.

Step Four

There were a few items I wanted to add but had to order. I got the measurements and then added them into the gallery in painters tape.

Photo Gallery Wall

Step Five

I let everything sit where I have it for a few days or a week and make sure I still love it. The good thing about hanging things on the wall is that nothing is permanent. You can change

Photo Gallery Wall

Finished Project

I am all moved in and ready to work. This is how the final office project looks.

We Five King's Home Office
We Five King's Home Office
We Five King's Home Office

On to the next project!

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