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Finding Fun Amidst the Chaos: 30 Things to Look Forward to in April

Yesterday we got the official call that schools would remain closed until April 30th. States like Virginia were put on emergency closures through June 10th. Unlike summer we are all staying in our homes trying to find some new level of normal.

Many of the days are long and some are hard. None of us are really getting a break from one another. There is no seeing friends. There is no going to the pool for a change of scenery. There is no quick run to Target so mom can get a few moments of silence.

We are just doing our best. I am doing some school work with my kids each day and we spend a lot of time outside. I am creating art projects and some science experiments to keep their attention. The one thing we are doing a lot of is reading. Thinking about keeping everyone entertained in our home for another month is a bit overwhelming but we are doing our best to have a little fun each day. Even on the hard ones.

Yesterday was National Crayon Day! This got me thinking about easy ways to do something fun with your kids at home that does not require a lot of work. I included some fun ideas and also some that could be educational. You don’t have to celebrate them all but it may be fun to put something on the calendar to look forward to in the next few weeks.

April National Days:

**Source: National Day Calendar***

April 1: April Fools Day

These are a few easy and simple pranks to pull on kids that are fun and not mean. We have done the Brussels sprouts cake pops which always gets a lot of laughs in our house.

April 2: Burrito Day

Mexican Food is good any day of the week to me! This is an easy recipe for a simple burrito and this is just a little harder for the cooks out there.

April 3: Find a Rainbow Day

If you can’t find one, draw one!

April 4: School Librarian Day

Our school librarian is offering online resources and story times. Check in with your school to see if they are doing something similar. But nothing will make a librarian more happy than to know that you spent the day reading!

April 5: Deep Dish Pizza Day

Did you know you can make deep dish pizza in a cast iron skillet? You can! Here is the recipe to prove it. Also, this recipe is for authentic Chicago Deep Dish Pizza.

April 6: Caramel Popcorn Day

This one may be a little tricky. Making caramel isn’t easy but this recipe looks simpler than most.

April 7: No Housework Day

Simplest one on the list. Put your feet up and enjoy the day!

April 8: Zoo Lovers Day

I was hoping to spend this day at the Audubon Zoo but since we will be inside you can follow them on Facebook to keep up with the daily fun!

April 9: Former Prisoner of War Day

This is a great opportunity for a history lesson as a family. This is a great resource on WWII and another on the Vietnam War here.

April 10: Encourage a Young Writer Day

Writing prompts are a great way to encourage a kid who loves writing. They also can be a fun way to develop imagination and creativity. I love this list.

April 11: Submarine Day

Virtual learning is our friend and these are a few virtual tours of submarines. USS Pampanito. Virtual Submarine Ride. Ben Franklin.

April 12: Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day

Sometimes I think every day is grilled cheese day at my house! I tried to find some interesting spins on grilled cheese for y’all like this and this and this.

April 13: Scrabble Day

If you have a scrabble game at home play as a family and if you don’t check out this online resource.

April 14: Dolphin Day

National Geographic has a great page with facts, pictures and videos.

April 15: Titanic Day

The boys started learning about the Titanic this year at school with a Jack and Annie book. We bought the movie so they could watch it too. There are a lot of online free resources like Wikipedia, has a virtual tour, as does Google Earth.

April 16: Wear Your Pajamas to Work Day

Note to self. Buy new Pajamas.

April 17: Ellis Island Family History Day

Scholastic has a great online resource for Ellis Island here. Also, the Ellis Island Statue of Liberty Foundation site is a wealth of information here.

April 18: Animal Crackers Day

Did you know you can make your own? Recipe here.

April 19: Garlic Day

My favorite ingredient in food! This article tells you how to make it, use it and freeze it!

April 20: Cheddar Fries Day

Pretty simple but if you need ideas check out this.

April 21: Library Workers Day

Post on your local library page on Facebook and tell them thank you for their service to the community.

April 22: Earth Day

Such a great day to celebrate during this time home. Check out the site here.

April 23: Picnic Day

Pack up your lunch or dinner and take it outside. This is the most beautiful time of year and it is perfect for outdoor eating.

April 24: Teach Children to Save Day

One of my favorite lessons to do with the kids is grocery store. I take out items and give them money and we add up what they want to buy. Teaching kids about spending money helps to show them how to save it also. We think about things about cost per size of a product, do we really need an item and budgets.

April 25: Telephone Day

Call someone you love but also read this about the discovery of the telephone here and here.

April 26: Pretzel Day

Did you know you can make pretzels at home? This recipe is easy and delicious.

April 27: Babe Ruth Day

Read more about Babe Ruth here or watch the movie The Babe!

April 28: Super Hero Day

Bed sheets and towels make the best capes!

April 29: Denim Day

I am not participating in this because I am refusing to wear jeans until this is over but you crazy people do your thing.

April 30: Bugs Bunny Day

So many memories of this as a kid. You can find a lot of the old cartoons on YouTube!

I hope these will add a little fun to your quarantine! If this gets extended longer I will add more dates!

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