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My Disney Style

When you go to Disney you are looking at long days with lots of walking and during certain times of the year it can be extremely hot. So when you talk to anyone about what to wear they are going to say it needs to be comfortable.

I definitely didn’t want to be uncomfortable when I was there but I also wanted to feel like myself and bring a little of my signature style to our trip. I think with these looks I was able to really bring the two together.

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Shoes were the biggest thing people warned me about before our trip. Make sure they are comfortable, that you have worn them a few times and to wear socks. Got it. Since I wasn’t just going to wear athletic shoes that I would wear to the gym I bought these Addidas Cloudfoam Sneakers which were perfect. I didn’t regret the decision to wear these one bit.

Disney Bounding – Snow White

As soon as I said we had booked our trip someone told me I needed to google Disney bounding. Once I did I was immediately excited and had one million ideas. Unfortunately a lot of them are not really practical when you are spending 12 plus hours in a park with three kids. However, this was one that I was able to do.

I found the Snow White Ears first and the rest came together pretty easily.

Ears // Top // Shorts

Minnie Mouse Inspo

I saw this dress on a Disney Bloggers Instagram and fell in love. It fit great and was very comfortbale. I put a pair of shorts under it because it was a little short. It also went perfectly with my sneakers and ears.

Dress // Ears

Unexpectedly Cold

I had planned to bring my Spanx faux leather leggings from the beginning. I cannot tell you how many people told me not to bring them that it would be too hot and I would be miserable. Well I brought them anyway and it was cold two of the days we were there. However, even if it had not been cold I would have been glad to have them. These leggings are easy to wear and are not hot at all. I wore them with a sweater but they would have also worked with a tank. I saw more than one person sporting them while we were there.

P.S. I will mention this in every post I write about Disney. There are a lot of Disney people who have a lot of really big opinions about how you should do Disney. Just know whatever you do it’s going to be fine and you are going to have fun. Just do it the way you are comfortable doing the trip and leave all of the extra advice at home.

Sweater // Tank // Leggings // Ears

All Red is All White

I didn’t end up wearing this outfit while we were in Disney but I wore it to a photoshoot before our trip. I found one of the best resources for Disney supplies to be a tie between Amazon and Jane. Amazon was a great place to find those vintage printed Disney shirts that the boys wore and Jane was where I got several shirts for myself and also these ears.

Just know that you can still look cute and be comfortable on your trip! No need to sacrifice fashion if you don’t want to!

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