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Size Inclusive Brands – Rachel Roy

Size Inclusive is the buzz word of this season. Brands like LOFT, Anthro and more are extending the sizing from regular to plus. As women we know that we are not one size fits all and it is nice to see the fashion industry is recognizing that.

Gone are the days of all black plus sized collections. I love an LBD as much as the next girl but I do not want an entire wardrobe of black clothes. Retailers are finally realizing that over a size 14 we still want to wear color, embrace trends and gasp… still wear a bikini.

I think it is important to point out that size inclusive means I can get the same outfit in the regular sizing that I can in the plus. It is not a separate line for the plus sized gals which is what has been happening over the years. Size 00 to 24 women want to get the same look that they see in a magazine, on Instagram or on their friend. I thought it would be fun to explore some of these brands as I know my followers are in all different sizes.

Rachel Roy

Rachel Roy’s clothes are bright, fun and exciting. The thing I love most is that when you look at her website the same dresses are offered in regular sizing and also in plus. It is a true size inclusive brand.

Her lines Rachel Roy and Rachel by Rachel Roy range in price from $39 to $150. You can purchase Rachel Roy pieces directedly from her website and also at stores like Macy’s and Nordstrom.

I purchased this set from her Rachel by Rachel Roy collection at Macys.

Sizing and Product Details

The clothes run true to size. I purchased the top in a 0X and the skirt in a 1X. Both fit great and my true size is a 16. As always it is best, when ordering online especially, to check the size chart and use your measurements to choose a size. Size 14 is not the same with every brand so check your measurements.

I was also very happy with the quality of the knit that it didn’t lose it’s shape when I wore it. The knit is thin but easy to wear. I didn’t find it to be clingy or see through.

Most of the pieces I saw on the website were washable as I know this was a question some of you were asking on IG. Many of the pieces encouraged washing in cold water and hanging or laying flat to dry.

I did notice that many of the dresses didn’t have pockets which I know many ladies love.

On my wish list

These are just a few of the things that I want for this summer.

Regular // Plus
Regular // Plus
Regular // Plus
Regular // Plus
Regular // Plus

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