Wardrobe Staple: White Tee

After reading a post from the Motherchic last year about how she organizes her closets I decided to organize myself similarly.

I turned my closet in my house into my staples closet and my office rolling racks became my seasonal, current pieces. As a blogger I acquire a lot of clothing throughout the year so I was having a hard time managing it all in one place. This gives me the ability to keep my staples in one location and the things I am featuring separately.

Making this organizational change made me really think about what is a staple and what is not. I was able to look at my clothing more closely and make decisions like spending more on a piece because I knew it needed to last longer than one season. The first item that I did this with was a classic white tee and tank.

White tees are the most integral part to a wardrobe to me. They will go with anything from dressed up to casual, from jeans to shorts. You can put them under a blazer or wear them on their own. The options are endless.

My criteria

  1. Comfortable fit – I have found that the seaming on lower end brands do not have the give and take that a higher quality brand does. The seems can dig into your arms or waist when tucked in. I was looking for something that would sit flat and be comfortable.
  2. Quality material – I wanted the shirt I chose to keep its shape. I didn’t want something that was going to look old in a few washes. I chose a shirt that has a small amount of spandex so it would hold it’s shape.
  3. Not see through – Since I was looking for a shirt that would get me through nice and casual outfits I wanted to make sure it was not going to be see through.

Banana Republic has some wonderful shirts and tanks that met my criteria. I have owned a few and they checked all of my boxes. The two I chose were the Luxe Spun Tank Top and the Crew-Neck T-shirt. This one is low in stock so I am linking two more that I love from the website. Supima Cotton V-neck and Supima Cotton Crew Neck Shirt.

The prices on these pieces weren’t extremely high (both are under $50) but I think to a lot of people a white tee or tank is just something you can pick up on the cheap. This product isn’t comparable to the $7 tank you can grab at Target.

How to style your tee.

The fact is there is no right or wrong way to style a white tee. The tee can become a focal point of the outfit or linger in the background and it is just as essential.

T-shirts are becoming day to night wear more and more. I find myself styling them with dressy and casual looks. I originally purchased this skirt on clearance and knew I wanted to wear it with a white tee. The outfit in my head seemed cute and fun which is exactly what it ended up being.



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