Investing in a Swimsuit

I haven’t invested more than $40 in a swimsuit in several years. The boys are still young so I find I am hard on my suits from being in the water with them or sitting on the side. We all know how harsh pool bottoms can be to your suit so I always said until they could all swim well I wasn’t going to invest in a suit.

I had an event at Bra Genie in Metairie and when I was there I started looking at all of the swimsuits they had. All of their suits are great quality and right from the start I could tell a difference. Most of the suits were lined, the material felt like it was higher quality and the actual construction of the suit was well done. I decided to try a few and see what I thought.

Putting one on I saw the same differences as I did when I was looking at the on the shelf. I also noticed that when I slipped the suit on I wasn’t adjusting it and moving it around. It fit my body much more comfortably than lower end suits I own. I also loved that it had an extra added support in the top to make sure everything stayed right where it needed to be.

One of my other favorite things about this suit is how fun it would be to style for a pool party. I put it with this high waisted skirt and kimono and it was a full on outfit.

I won’t be giving up all of my fun suits but I am really glad I invested in this one this year!

As always Becca Michelet and the staff at Bra Genie outdid themselves. They are going to give you honest and helpful feedback on the suits you pick out to make sure it is perfect for you.



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