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Choosing the Right Strapless Bra with Bra Genie

{This post is sponsored by The Bra Genie. All thoughts, opinions and ideas are mine.}

I have never had a strapless bra that I loved. I haven’t even had one that I liked. I would mostly say that I have owned a lot of strapless bras that I have tolerated.

I have tried a lot of them and it hasn’t mattered if I was thin or thick the bras never worked out. After suffering through last summer almost avoiding wearing spaghetti straps al together just so I didn’t have to wear my awful strapless bra I decided to do something different.

I met some of the ladies from The Bra Genie at an event in the fall and I decided to give them a call. They set me up with Brittnee for a fitting.

A little bit about The Bra Genie.

They are a local expert bra fitting boutique with locations in Covington. Metairie and Baton Rouge. Each of their fitting experts goes through a three month training to be ready to measure and fit women for bras. They carry 150 different brands of bras ranging from 20 to 50 in band size and AA to K in cup size. Basically if you have a set of breasts they will find you a bra.

Each client that schedules a fitting is expertly measured and then fitted with a bra. There is a method to their madness and they will try on different shapes, styles and sizes until they get you the right bra for you.

My fitting.

I met with Brittnee and we took a tour of the stock room with all of their bras. It looks like a million. She showed me some different styles and fabrics and we talked about what I liked and didn’t like.

We started the fitting process by measuring under my breasts, above my breasts and then across my nipples with my bra on. We specifically were fitting me for a strapless bra but we started with a t-shirt bra. She said it is easiest and best to make sure that you have the right fit in a regular bra and then they can better assess what you need in a strapless.

I tried on three different types of strapless bras. I felt most comfortable in the thicker cups with seaming and that is the bra I ended up getting. I loved the way I felt secure with the band and also the cups.

It is much more comfortable than anything I have owned before but there is a distinct difference between my everyday bra and the strapless. Brittnee explained that because of the way a strapless has to support you when you have larger breasts they will always be a little more uncomfortable than your standard everyday bra.

A few things I learned in my fitting.

  • When wearing a strapless bra make sure that you raise the band high on your back. This helps you get the most support you can out of the band.
  • The most expensive bra may not be the right bra. Try things on and make an informed decision. I tried on the bra they referred to as the Mercedes of Bras and you know what? It wasn’t the right one for me.
  • Tell the fitter what you don’t like about your current bra but also tell them what you do like. Make sure you are honest during the fitting too. If you don’t like the fit of the bra they are trying on you let them know.

Overall experience.

In my opinion I don’t think that I could have found a strapless bra like this on my own. Maybe after going to multiple stores and trying on bras or hours but I think more than likely I would have once again settled for something that just wasn’t right. The fitting ensured that I left with the right bra that I will be able to wear all summer long.

Set up your own fitting.

You can follow The Bra Genie on Facebook, Instagram or visit their website. You can also call the Covington store and set up fitting with Brittnee 985-951-8638.

I will tell you this. It was worth the time, money and effort to get a more comfortable bra! Check them out!



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