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Making the Most of Your Closet for Disney

My close girlfriends are anticipating my Disney trip to see if I love it or hate it. I don’t think of myself as a Disney person which is why I chose to use a planner when we booked the trip. My main concern was what I was going to wear and I immediately started down the rabbit hole of Disney merchandise.

Shirts, bags, ears and more… there is an endless amount of things you can get for your trip.

My searches also led me to the wonderful world of Disney Bloggers. Who knew there were so many of them with so many amazing tips? One blogger I connected with immediately was Kelly, @mickeybarmama on Instagram. She seemed cute and bubbly and she made me really start getting excited for Disney. She had great tips as well as all of the best places for snacks! We also seemed to have really similar taste…

After following her for the last few months I reached out and asked if she would work on this post with me. Her tips for navigating the parks are informative and I knew she would have great tips for packing too.

What to bring?

I want to look cute and fun in Disney but I also wanted to be comfortable. I know that we won’t be going back for a while so I also didn’t want to spend a lot of money on new things I would only wear while we were there. I decided to take a look in my closet and see what I already owned.

I pulled all of these items from my existing wardrobe. I was really surprised how much red I had because I don’t wear the color a lot. Polka dots were easy because I love them and the stripes I just threw in because I thought they would be cute.

These are a few of the outfits I made with my finds…

Kelly’s Take…

I recently saw Kelly do an Instagram post about some of her Disney basics. I messaged her and said, this is exactly what I want you to show my readers. These are her picks…

Here are Kelly’s Tips. Always prepare for heat! There are a few months that are colder but for the most part there is always humidity. Makes sure whatever you are wearing is comfortable because you will be running around all day. Wear comfortable shoes that are broken in because you can easily walk 10 miles a day in Disney. Pick pieces that reflect your own individual style. Disney style doesn’t have to be hard! You can pick pieces that reflect a park, character or ride!

Whether you are going to Disney for a few days or a week think about things that are already in your closet. Chances are you have an entire Disney wardrobe just waiting to be discovered!



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