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Leggings are the staple of most winter wardrobes.  They are easy to wear, go with almost anything, add great layers and are warm.  There aren’t many more reasons to love them.

Depending on how you like to wear them will depend on the type you may want to purchase.  Some leggings (thin cotton) are better to layer under dresses and tunics while leggings (ponte or leather) will be better for wearing with shorter sweaters and tshirts.

Although I am sure someone will disagree with me…  leggings are indeed pants.

So how and where do you find fantastic leggings?  I am linking several of my favorites below.




2 thoughts on “Leggings

    1. I stopped caring about things like that a long time ago. lol. The truth is I have big inner thighs so even if I don’t actually have a camel toe it looks like I do. I do think that wearing boy shorts helps with this a little because there is more coverage but you have to find one that is seamless.

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