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Holiday Dressing Guide

I set this post up to publish around the time most of you would be finished Thanksgiving dinner and looking around Facebook for something to read.

One of the best parts of the holidays are all of the events!  From Christmas parties to Santa pics to Teas and Brunch the list of things to do is endless.  I love planning out what I want to wear to each and every event.

Last year I was asked to speak to a group of ladies about dressing for the holidays.  To date it was one of the most fun events I have ever worked.  For the event I created a small dressing guide with some suggestions on what to wear to holiday events and what was trending for that season.  This year I wanted to expand on that brochure and create a dressing guide that you could shop virtually.

To create this list I used a lot of the events I attend during the holidays.  I am hoping this will take some of the stress out of dressing for your holiday events.


  • Sequins.  Isn’t this always a trend?  It is for me anyway!  Sequin skirts, dresses, tops, scarfs and more.  Don’t be afraid to rock a sequin skirt with a fuzzy wool sweater to your office party.  Embrace the bling.
  • Non Christmas Colors.  This one makes me so happy.  While I love red and green and everything that it stands for with classic Christmas I was really excited to see some new colors thrown in the mix.  Blue and pink seem to be two of the top runners while black is also being thrown in the mix.
  • Red and Pink.  This is my own Christmas trend that I am making happen.  I love the combo and it just feels festive to me.  Check out any of my gift guide pics and you will see red and pink!
  • Pattern.  Everything from polka dots to floral to plaid to buffalo check.  If you want a pattern it’s out there.


Ugly Sweater Party / Cookie Party / Fun Christmas Party

Each year our family hosts a cookie decorating party in our home.  It is our closest friends and family and each year it gets bigger and bigger.  I know a lot of people attend cookie events like cookie swaps or other in home open houses.  It’s less formal than a Christmas Party and a great opportunity to spend quality time with friends.  My goal is always to have fun so I like my outfit to reflect that.  It also gives me a chance to be a little silly with my outfit.

Sip and Shop

Some of the best shopping events during the holidays are the pop ups and sip and shops that you can find in your local community.  We have some really amazing ones on the Northshore.  There are always little sips and treats and it’s an excuse to get a little dressed up and go shopping with your friends.


There aren’t a lot of occasions to get really dressed up but going to the theater is one of them.  I don’t care if I am the most dressed up person in attendance I am wearing something fabulous.  Where else are you going to wear that sequin dress anyway?

Christmas Party

Christmas parties can vary significantly with dress code but it is another occasion to get a little dressed up so why not!

School Party

If you are attending or room mom chances are you are going to be bending down and on the floor and helping with crafts and handing out snacks.  You need to look cute but you also need to be comfortable.  Here are a few things that meet that need.

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve means church and brunch or dinner for our family.

Christmas Day

Christmas Day is casual and fun at our house.  We always host which means pajamas all day for the kids.




The perfect outfit requires the perfect earrings or necklace.  It’s the icing on the cake.


Shoes are just as important as the rest of your outfit so make sure you have the perfect pair for your holiday outfit.


Don’t let the chilly weather make you coverup your outfit with something less fabulous.


Happy Holidays!




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