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Shopping for Jackets

I am dedicating this post to Abby and Amanda.  My two jacket loving friends who can really rock the look.  Honestly I should have let them write this post but instead I will let them shop the links.  Don’t lie you know y’all will.  They have never met a jacket they didn’t like.

Jackets are a piece of our wardrobe we really take for granted.  Jackets can complete an outfit.  They can also be the inspiration piece for a look.  They are versatile and interesting and totally on trend for fall.

I am often jealous of people who live up north that get to enjoy a jacket season  Spring and fall really lend themselves well to the jacket trend.  Being in the south we do not have much use for spring weight jackets.  However fall jackets can often get us well into the winter and beyond.

I am highlighting some of my favorite jackets for this fall.  You could really own one or one of each and have something that will get you through these next few months.

This post contains affiliate links.  All thoughts, opinions and ideas are mine.

Motorcycle Jackets

A good moto jacket is going to be a good piece to have if you are looking for a jacket that can also be worn as outwear.  Moto jackets are great with jeans and dresses and more but the weight is usually more substantial giving you a good option if you live somewhere with a mild winter.  I also personally love them because they have an edgier look than some jackets.  While it is still possible to pull off a polished look you can also have a little edge in there.

Denim Jackets

This is a style that almost never dies.  I have watched denim jackets survive the waves of fashion for years.  My mom wore denim jackets in the 70’s.  Colored denim in the 80’s.  Distressed in the 90’s.  Currently its cropped length.  My point is that you will always be able to find a way to incorporate denim jackets into your wardrobe.  They do tend to be more on the casual side of jackets.  I like to pair them with a sundress or even with a pair of dress pants and a white tee.  I do think that denim jackets take slightly more planning with your outfit.  It needs to make sense with what you are wearing.

White Jackets

We have already covered that white is a big trend here.   I like the idea of having a white jacket on hand because it is an easy way to lighten up a dark outfit.  White also looks crisp and clean and fancy even when you wear it with jeans.  The right white jacket will help you finish off an outfit for work or an outfit for happy hour.  There is a lit of versatility with them.


Blazers have never been my favorite.  I always feel like Working Girl when I wear them.  This season there has been a big throw back to the oversized 80’s and 90’s blazers with big patterns and bigger shoulder pads.  I don’t know why they are speaking to me this season more than others but they are.  The trend is running strong and you can find them just about anywhere.  Bonus is if you find one you can roll the cuffs.


I have to thank my girl Tracy Kopfinger with Virture Jewelry for turning me on to capes.  She bought one a few years ago and it was so cute and such a statement piece.  Capes are an easy throw over your shoulders accessory that are great for fal and winter.  As an active mom they are easy for me to wear and layer when it gets colder in the winter.

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