White After Labor Day… I Think I Will

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I am not one for rules but wearing white after Labor Day is something I have stuck to until now.  I always think I will wear my white jeans into the fall and then I get nervous and I can’t do it.  Deep down I am still a southern belle who just can’t get past this one rule.

Well this year fashion is pushing me out of my comfort zone and I am giving into the white trend.  I will be honest and tell you it is still making me nervous but I am using all of you as an excuse and I am doing it.  I have already invested in a pair of white bootie and I grabbed a pair of white mules the other day.  Currently I am looking for the right white bag but I am full on planning on rocking this trend into 2019.

So are you as nervous as I am?  Don’t worry because I am going to decode how to do this the right way.

Ok, so first off we aren’t talking about all white and light weight fabrics that are totally reminiscent of spring.  We have to have some weight to the fall fashions.  I am talking more about accessories and jeans.  Things that will be substantial enough for the fall season but still that beautiful bright white.

White booties are going to be a big trend for fall and into winter.  These will easily work with jeans and dresses.  Think how beautiful this would be with a deep burnt orange skirt or cropped jean.  Booties are coming in a variety of whites so if you can’t commit to the bright white trend look for something in a milk or ivory color.


White mules are another shoe that stores are starting to put on the shelves.  Last fall and winter mules were a huge trend and they will be again so it didn’t surprise me when I saw them coming out in white.  It’s an easy way to wear the trend with a fun slip on shoe.

White bag.  I love to mix and match my accessories but I know there are some die-hard “I must have them matching” people out there.  Either way there is

White Jeans are probably the most staple white piece in anyone’s wardrobe.  We all grab a pair in the spring but there is seldom a long enough spring to get to wear the before it’s 100 degrees outside.  Adding your white jeans to your fall line up will give you more chances to wear them so invest in a good pair!

White Jackets.  Jackets are always a fall favorite.  This season I am seeing a lot of blazers and moto jackets.  If you are looking to invest in a jacket but want something you can wear with a variety of outfits white could be the way to go.  It’s definitely a color that is going to look sharp next to the bold colors of fall.

So let’s all be in this together and embrace the white after Labor Day!  It’s good to push our comfort zones and try something new now and then.



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