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My Favorite Fashion Documentaries

Fun fact.  I love a documentary.  Of course I love one about fashion but I like documentaries about other things too.  Some of my favorites are things about survivalist, mountaineers and anything about sharks.  I have seen every documentary made about scientology and K2.  I literally go on documentary binges.  Justin calls it the Tiffany Rabbit Hole.

So the last few weeks I have been engrossed in documentaries about fashion.  Like eating it up.  Obviously you can tell from my blog that I love clothes and fashion but I am really obsessed with the way it all works.  THe business and the craft and the artistry.  I love the business of fashion and how the industry as a whole is so artistic in nature more than it is a commodity industry.

I have such a love for designers and their craft that I literally eat up every single word.  It inspires me and it makes me want to create and just be I the presence of something beautiful.

The September Issue – ITunes

This is like the godmother of all fashion documentaries.  Highlighting the September Issue of Vogue in 2007.  The September issue is notoriously the most poured over issue that Vogue creates each year.  This documentary is a behind the scenes look at Anna Wintour and her staff.  I knew of Grace Coddington before watching this documentary but not to this level.  It really give a true behind the scenes look of how Grace and Anna work together to create this magnificent magazine.

The House of Z – Netflix

I recently watched this and when I was finished I immediately started it again.  So many things I never knew about Zac Posen.  This was such an inspirational documentary for me to see what someone can do with an idea, a great work ethic and family support.

IRIS – Netflix

This documentary was so inspirational for me that I think I will watch it over and over again.  Iris is a women in her 90’s who has become a fashion icon in the New York area.  She owns the largest couture costume jewelry collection in the world and a variety of other things.  Her vision of fashion as wearable art made her fun and likeable.  Her perspective is interesting and unique.  If you spend an hour in Iris’s world you will not be sorry.

The First Monday in May – Netflix

Anytime they get Anna Wintour to sit down to be interviewed I am watching.  This documentary focuses on the Met’s most attended fashion exhibit in history, China: Through The Looking Glass.  Until watching this documentary I didn’t realize the influence the Met has had over fashion becoming an accepted medium of art.

Manolo the Boy Who Designed Shoes for Lizards – Netflix

I have always wanted to know more about Manolo.  Learning about his childhood and young adult years was really interesting.  I also loved getting to see how involved he still is in the design process and the time he puts into making sure the shoes are beautiful and comfortable.  My favorite part of this documentary was seeing the relationship he has had with Anna Wintour since she was living in London and he was just starting out with his first shop.

Scatter My Ashes at Bergdorf – Itunes

Having been to Bergdorf twice in my life I loved this inside look at one of the most amazing stores in America.  This documentary was fun and a little quirky.  I learned so much about how their amazing windows are designed and then implemented.  It is so much more in-depth than I ever realized.  They also cover all of the family history with the Goodman family purchasing the company from the Bergdorf’s and how they used to live on the top of the building.

If you have any amazing documentaries you love send them my way.  I am always looking for something new to watch.  Bonus points if it’s a mountain climbing one I haven’t seen.

XO, Tippy

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