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Recapping Summer

Summer is over and I kind of can’t believe it.  When I think back it seems like the boys got out of school forever ago but it went by so fast.  75 days of fun can’t last forever.

Some of our highlights…

  • VBS at Church of the King
  • Having our cousins visit from Oregon and California
  • Playing tennis
  • The Bigs birthday party with Mad Science SELA

This was probably one of the best summers we have had to date.  The boys not napping was both a blessing and a curse.  No break for me during the day but we were able to fill our days with so much more fun and I didn’t feel like we were always on a schedule.

The majority of our days were spent at the pool.  Everyone is so tan.  This summer with the addition of the splash pad at Pelican Athletic Club it gave the boys a lot more room to play.  They also became really good swimmers so they were able to navigate the deep end with their friends and Mom didn’t have to tag along.

All of the boys did a great job keeping up with their chores list and daily things to do.  Peyton really kept up his reading although we didn’t get to the library as much as he would have liked.  Pax worked on his math skills and had a lot of fun working on his coloring skills.  Porter learned his shapes and letters and can sing both “If You’re Happy and You Know It” and “Thunder” by Imagine Dragons.

We were able to visit 9 of the 11 places we planned for fieldtrips even with my Mom breaking her toe mid summer.  Their favorite place is still the Cool Zoo at the Audubon Zoo and they really enjoyed their first ride on the Steamboat Natchez.  That was fun for them and slightly stressful for me.  I would suggest backup if you plan on making that trip.

As for the rest of their summer lists.  Many fun meals were had, many visits were made to Gram’s house.  We saw Nana and Ray Ray several times and they swam at Nell’s pool.  We played Bamboozled and visited the Candy Bank.  Everyone got to go to the movies including Porter for the first time.

Mom and Dad didn’t get the night away they hoped for but we did get to spend 4 days at the Margaritaville Resort in Biloxi.

We are settling back into the school routine.  All of us are missing our lazy mornings, late nights and time at the pool.  I asked the boys what they want to do this weekend and they all said stay up late to watch a movie and then go to the pool on Saturday.

My sweet summertime boys….


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