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My Favorite Sunscreens

Skin care took on a whole new meaning when we adopted Paxton.  He is biracial, Caucasian and African, but he is still prone to burn.  A lot of people don’t realize that African American skin can still burn and they are still under the same risks for skin cancer.  Plus the stress that the sun puts on your skin alone makes sunscreen important.

Paxton has also struggled with eczema at times and it has almost always been environmentally aggravated.  We have been able to link a lot of his outbreaks to dishwashing pods, laundry detergent and sunscreen.  This put me on a journey to find the right sunscreen for him and the rest of our family,

A lot of times we think about the things we are putting in our bodies when we are trying to be healthy but the reality is that what we put on our bodies is just as important.  The skin is the largest organ in the body and what you put on your skin is getting inside your body too.  It is hard to pass the convenience and price of store bought spray on sunscreens.  Believe me I have a hard time with this too.  The spray on sunscreens are so easy to use and convenient and you can pick them up easily at any store around town.

But with convenience comes it’s price and that is a product that is loaded with chemicals that can actually make the skin you are trying to protect more vulnerable.  Things that we don’t consider sometimes are expiration dates.  Stores are notoriously bad for not checking product expiration dates and if you don’t think that really matters then check this out…

This is a picture of my friends back after they got a bad batch of sunscreen from the local Walmart.

I am not writing this post to make you feel bad about the type of sunscreen you are using but only to help enlighten you on some brands that may be better especially if you have a child that is sensitive.

First of all I love this website for looking for sunscreens.  They not only break down which sunscreens are best for which situations but they give you factual information on what is really in your sunscreen and how much protection you are really getting.  This is an excellent resource.

Blue Lizard Australian Sunscreen

This is the one that we have been currently using on everyone’s faces and also on Paxton’s entire body.  This sunscreen was recommended to my by our pediatrician, a dermatologist and I also read the recommendation on the website.  It is mostly zinc but does not leave your skin white like a lot of zinc based sunscreens will.  This is important with darker skin as it will show and that matters to some kids.  It is easy to apply and it lasts.

California Baby

I have not personally used this sunscreen but this was the next one we were moving on to if Blue Lizard didn’t work for us.  It comes with a hefty price tag of $30 a bottle but for your super sensitive kids it’s the best.  If your kids has had eczema like mine I know you will do just about anything to keep a breakout from happening so this may be your brand.

Melaleuca Sunshades Mineral Sunscreen

I did not find this one on the website but it is a brand that we have used in the past and loved.  It actually worked really well for us I just found that I had to reapply more often than I do with the Blue Lizard.  At the height of Paxton’s eczema issues we switched all of our household products to Melaleuca and it made an enormous difference.  Their sunscreen is also a wonderful product.

Aveeno Baby Continuous Protection

If you are looking for a sunscreen that is going to be easy to find in all stores this is it.  Easy to apply and great for sensitive skin.  This sunscreen is my backup when I can’t find or run out of Blue Lizard.  We haven’t had an issues with this one and eczema flare ups.

The website is your best bet for any other questions you have or to check out the ingredients in your own sunscreen.  It is always important to remember that companies list ingredients on the back of their packaging but that things can be hidden under categories like fragrance.  Make sure that you are looking at a complete list and if you have a child who has eczema issues that you are tracking ingredients for sunscreens that give them issues.

Here’s to a fun summer sunburn and eczema free!






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