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Time and TRU Swimsuits

We are in the thick of summer here down in the south.  It hasn’t gotten out of the 90’s during the day for the last few weeks.  We are spending as much time as we can at the pool which means during the week I am in my swimsuit and that’s about it.

I love a nice swimsuit but with the frequency we are in the pool and the fact that I have little kids and find myself sitting on the rough pool floor I don’t like to invest a lot of money into something that is going to get pulled and fade.  I have spent a lot of time looking for the right suit that will look good but I can get for under $50.  This can be a challenge.

Some of my favorites this year have been Aquagreen and Shade and Shore from Target.  But my newest favorite is Time and TRU from Walmart.

I first saw their suits on the Loverly Grey and thought it was so cute before I even knew where it was from.  She mentioned that it was from Walmart and I immediately wanted to try it out.  The suits range from $9.99 to $25.00 and come in a variety of sizes and styles.  One of the things that I really liked when I was looking online was that all of the styles are offered in a regular and plus size option.  Unlike Target who has a plus sized line and then a regular sized line this gives everyone the option to have the same suits.

Things that I initially noticed about the suit was how well it was made.  I was impressed with the thickness and durability of the suit.  Especially for the fact that the one I picked was $19.99.  I also noticed how the cups were sewn into the suit and not just inserted in.  Double bonus for me that I don’t have to go searching that washing machine for them after I get my suit out.

Since my suit was such an affordable price I picked up a cover up too!

Swimsuit (different pattern); also love this and this  // Cover Up // Flip Flops

So a few things you should know when shopping.  The suit fits true to size which surprised me.  The first thing I usually find with lower priced suits is that you have to size up.  In this suit I purchased a large and it fits perfect.  The cover up ran short and I wish I had sized up in that piece.  I purchased a M/L.

I am already looking for my next purchase from the Time and TRU line so make sure you keep a look out on my Instagram!

P.S. A BIG Thank You to our friends and neighbors, The Guillot Family, for letting me shoot pics at their pool!



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