Wink Your Eyes – My first expereince with eyelash extensions

If I was a super hero mascara would be my secret weapon.  I love doing my lashes.  I don’t wear makeup daily but I always wear mascara.  It is my go to beauty product.

Good lashes and a strong brow really make your face.  There is something about the way it all frames your eyes that brightens your entire face.  Usually I am not one to try a lot of different products at once but when it comes to mascara I have tried them all.

I have always thought about getting lash extensions.  I love a good fake lash for a night out but I worried the lash extensions would be too much for daily wear.  Getting them has always been on my bucket list of things to do.  So when Wink Your Eyes asked me if I would be willing to try out some of their new services in New Orleans I jumped on the opportunity.

Wink Your Eyes has been doing lashes in the Baton Rouge area for several years.  They recently opened a new location in New Orleans where they are a full service lash and brow bar.  But that’s not all!  They also offer full body waxing, makeup application and so much more! I have had two services with Wink and I am going to tell you about both of them.

My first appointment with Wink was in May.  I went on a Saturday and the appointment lasted about 2 hours.  My lash technician was Candace and she was incredibly thorough.

When I first arrived I had to remove all of the mascara that I had on my lashes.  She checked to make sure I had gotten it all so that the lashes would bond correctly.  She then brought me to the lash room where she applied my lashes.  She taped my eyelids down so that I wouldn’t open them during the process.

She worked on one set of lashes first and then pulled them back to expose my second set, who knew you had two sets of lashes, and then she applied more lashes to give it a thicker and fuller effect.  During the process she explained that they use a combination of single lashes and hybrid lashes that have three lashes.  She said this is what gives the lash a more full look but keeping it natural.  Each lash is individually applied to your natural lash with a surgical grade glue.

As I said the process too about 2 hours.  It was very calm and relaxing just like a massage or facial.  I even ended up falling asleep at one point.  When I finished my lashes had to stay dry for 24 hours.  They include a brush to keep your lashes fresh and also a list of things that you can’t do while your extensions are on.

When we finished I asked her if she had an estimate of how many lashes she had given me.  She said that I got around 100 lashes per eye which is between a Girly Wink and a Diva Wink

Here is my before and after…

Latrice from Wink checked in with me several times over the next week or so to see how my lashes were doing.  I was going about my daily life and would see a lash here and there that I lost.  Sometimes it was just the lash extension and sometimes it was attached to a natural lash that I had lost.

Lashes last between 2 and 4 weeks depending on your lifestyle and how many lashes you had put on.

After three weeks I decided to schedule a refill appointment.  I still had a good amount of lashes left but I could tell that I was losing some from the center and the outside of my right eye.

These were my lashes the day I went in for my refill.

The refill took about 80 minutes.  She went through and removed any lashes that were just hanging on and then assessed where I needed more lashes.  She then refilled the same way she did my first set.

This was the result…

The result was thicker and fuller but a similar result to my first set.

So pricing.  Full sets will cost anywhere between $115 and $175.  Refills start at $50 and go up depending on how many lashes you need.  BUT!!!  Right now if you use code TIFFANY when you book you can get 60% off of your service.

I was so pleased with my lashes both times.  Also, the process for booking, my technician and the location are all amazing.  I highly recommend Candace when booking.  She was great to work with and I feel like she really gave me a result that I loved.



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