White Teeth and Tan Skin is the Healthy Look of Summer

***This post is a sponsored post for Endless Summer Beauty Spa.  All thoughts, opinions and ideas are mine***

I was introduced to Megan Barrett of Endless Summer Tans several years ago when I was looking for a healthy option for tanning without actually having to tan.  I had tried sunless tanning or spray tanning several times but it never looked right and I was always worried about the chemicals I was inhaling.

The first time I went to tan with Megan I could tell the entire process was different.  She was recommended to me because she was the only person in the area who was giving organic tans that lasted for almost 2 weeks.  I was intrigued.  The tan was exactly what was promised and more.  It lasted a long time, didn’t stink and because of the way she applied the tan I wasn’t inhaling the spray the entire time.

A few weeks ago Megan messaged me and asked me if I wanted to try her new spray tan booth and also her teeth whitening process.  Recently they changed the location to a accommodate the fact that they are becoming more of a beauty spa rather than just doing tanning.  In addition to sunless tanning and teeth whitening her services now also include lash extensions.

The first thing you will notice after meeting Megan for more than 5 minutes is that she is a hustler girl boss and is addicted to perfection for her clients.  She is always there for her clients and is an amazing mom.  She gives me goals when it comes to the tenacity in which she is building her empire.  If you have time, or if she has time, sit and chat with her for a second and you will be equally as impressed with the incredible person she is.

The second thing you will notice is how thorough she is with her location and her services.  You are going to get all the details before she starts and she trains her staff to do the same.

We did my teeth whitening first…





The thing I really liked about the whitening process is that Megan checks how it’s working every 10 to 15 minutes.  She takes off the whitening gel and checks your teeth and then reapplies as to not over process your teeth.  Because of this I had almost no sensitivity after the procedure.

Spray Tan was second…

The new spa now has a spray tanning booth for you to use which is quicker but still the same great organic spray tan formula.  The finished product was even and a great color for my skin tone.  It also smelled wonderful and I was tan immediately.  Just getting back from vacation it was great to even out some of the crazy tan lines I had from being at the pool all week.

The days of tanning beds and laying out by the pool are over.  We are now all taking the appropriate routes to save our skin to prevent skin cancer and premature aging.  This is a great option to still feel that summer glow but also to do it in a safe manner.

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The summer days are going away shortly…  Don’t miss out on your chance to be a golden goddess!






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