Don’t Fear the Crop Tops

Suns out mid drift out, right?  I am seeing the stores fill with crop tops and listening to my friends talk about how there is no way they are wearing a crop top at their age.  I get it.  Mid drifts aren’t usually what people think of an asset when it comes to their body.  But there is a way to wear them that may make you feel comfortable and not require you to show ant additional skin.

The crop tops that are currently in the stores are peek a boo at the top of the abdomen which happens to be the smallest part of your waist.  In reality it is the optimal part of your mid drift to show.  The second thing is that when paired with a skirt or pants you can wear it under the bottom of the crop top and not show any skin at all.  There are so many high waisted options on the market currently it’s an easy trend to do.

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Like this look…

So here I pulled the skirt up to right under the bottom of the skirt.  This crop top is more of a peek a boo so it will work either way.  Also, the skirt is meant to me a tea length so no matter if you wear it further down on your waist or not the hem of the skirt will hit in the right place.

The second way to wear this outfit is to pull the waist of the skirt down just slightly and it will show you a little pop of your mid section.  Mine not being tan basically blends into the blush top but with a tan this would be everything.

Top // Skirt // Shoes

Other outfits I love top & skirt // top & bottom // top & bottom

Photography by Melissa Breedlove Photography

Either way this outfit is perfection!  Don’t be afraid of the crop tops.  You can make them for you.



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