Festival Looks from My Closet

It’s festival season and French Quarter Festival is this weekend!

If you aren’t from New Orleans or the surrounding areas French Quarter Festival is the largest free festival in
Louisiana.  Stages are scattered throughout the city and on the river and you can enjoy anything from brass bands to hip hop to zydeco all the way to folk music.  There is a genre for anyone in attendance.

The music is the focal point of this festival but the food is a close second.  Major restaurants from all over New Orleans and beyond come to serve their most coveted street food some of which is only available FQF weekend.  Whenever we are choosing a stage we are looking for a place to sit that is close to the food.

There is definitely a “look” I have when attending a festival.  I have cultivated and refined this look over the last few years and I would call it upscale boho.

When I am looking for a festival outfit nothing is more important to me than comfort.  It is most important that I have something that I can sit in the grass in but that it is also light enough to breathe in the warm city streets.  But I also have to find something that is bold and fun with the pattern because pattern is life.

I have a few things planned for this fest but I wanted to give you a few quick ideas that you could create in your own closet.  Here are a few quick looks that you may have sitting around and not even know it.

Maxi Dress

A Maxi is the perfect thing for French Quarter Festival and Jazz Fest too.  They are light and you don’t need to worry about being on skirt alert if you are walking on the river.  Bonus is it’s like you have your own built in blanket under your legs when sitting in the grass.

Jean Shorts and a Tank

Everyone has a pair of shorts they love and these are my go to summer shorts this year.  A great pair of shorts paired with just about any tank you have in your closet is going to be great for sitting in the grass, walking all day and will let you get a little sun on your legs.

Tee and Skirt

What is more New Orleans than a Fleurty Girl tee and a fun skirt???  The great thing is you could wear almost any tee you have from Mardi Gras to Saints to anything in between.  I bought this tee a while back because the blue matched perfectly with this skirt and it made me swoon.  Also, with any walking festival you need the right bag and this Kay-la Bag has been one of my go to festival bags for years.

Let’s Talk Shoes

So any day spent walking around the city is going to require the right shoes.  I am not a sneakers kind of girl so I am always going to opt for a sandal or flip flop.  Some of my faves are Tkees, Teva and Native.  The right shoe will make or break your day.  Trust me on this one.  I have had many a blister walking around in the hot, dusty city.

If you are looking for any additional information about going to the fest with kids or my favorite foods check out the linked  posts.

This posts photo credit goes to Karen Lodato.  You can follow her photography here.

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