Essentials for Spring

We have one more month of winter to go and we are officially in the months of Spring!  The stores have been pretty bare the last few weeks.  Basically it has been Mardi Gras shopping or nothing.  I have been dreaming of the shelves lined with light and airy fabrics and pinks and blues for miles…

There are always your stand our trends for spring.  This year you are going to see a lot of rosy pinks, dusty blues and bright reds.  Patterns will again be floral and an introduction of polka dots.  I am still pulling for some spring textiles because the leather, lace and jacquards of winter need to be replaced with something.  But no matter how many trends come out each year you are always going to need your staple items for spring.

A good white jean, circle skirt, platform sandal and bucket bag are some of the must have items I am searching for this year.  I have my spring staples from last year but I am looking to replace a few.  With the items below you could build almost any wardrobe you want.  So if you are looking to expand or change your wardrobe this is where I recommend you start.


This is a great option to exchange with a dress.  This particular romper is bright and fun and would work with sandals, flats or a heel.  Rompers are an essential for me.

Circle Skirt.

No one does a circle skirt better than Modcloth.  These are perfect for pairing with a lace tank for a night out, a bow blouse for work or a tee for the weekends.  Endless possibilities.

White Tee.

Every single person needs two of these.  One short sleeve and one long sleeve.  Every season buy a new one.  These are the most essential essential.

White Jeans.

A good white jean will work for you now through the fall.  We owe the spring and summer a pair of white jeans.  It’s like our duty to wear them.  These jeans were Paxton’s pick.


I have a bit of a sunglasses issue.  I guess we should call it an addiction.  Seriously.  These caught my eye when I was perusing the Nordstrom website.  Something about these lenses are just amazing.

Bucket Bag.

Something about the spring and summer make me want a big bag!  I think it’s because I know I can throw a pair of sunglasses and a towel in there and be at the pool in twenty.  It’s the perfect size for anything and everything we are going to do.

Polka Dots.

Polka dots are life.  I know they are a trend for this year but I have been crushing on them forever.  I love a pattern and a polka dot should have their moment in the spring!

Midi Dress.

Midi dresses have been going strong for the last few season.  I know a lot of people who have VERY strong opinions about them but personally I love the hemline.  This particular dress is very flattering and a little sexy.  The tied waist is going to make you look small in all the right places.



You need a cure pair of neutral close toed flats for spring.  They will last you well through the next year and they are the best shoe for days that start and end chilly with warm afternoons.


You need these.  I need these.  We all need these.

Mini Dress.

You have your longer hemmed dress so now you need a short option.  This dress with the little sleeves is perfection for the spring.

Get ready for the warm weather and fun months ahead.  This is a great way to get a start on your spring wardrobe!

XO, Tippy

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