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As a mom a lot of my life is very mundane and not glamorous.  It shouldn’t surprise anyone who has kids that I say this.  I do a lot of cleaning up, picking up and laundry.  Big Daddy and I work really hard to have a date night once a week and I have time with my friends so that always keeps me feeling grounded to the life I had before the kids came around.

Even with those things though it’s nice to have some things at home just to make life a little more luxurious.  I mean during the deep winter and rainy months we have in the south sometimes we can stay home for a few days in a row.

I have been working for the last year or so on making my bedroom and bathroom a sancuuary.  This can be quite a feat to accomplish since the baby still shares a bed with us.  The big boys know that they are allowed in my room but they are not allowed to bring toys in with them.  It just helps me not to have clutter.  We also used to fold all the laundry in my room and we are trying to get away from that too since laundry does not always get put up right away.  It’s important to have a space that is mine that I can escape to.

But let’s be honest that I usually only get a few minutes before they all find me.  I mean how do they always know when I sit down to drink a cup of coffee, read an email or take a bath?  It’s uncanny how good their hearing is when they are wanting to get in the middle of something I am doing!

This list is a combination of all of my current favorite home luxury items.

Essential Oils.  I love all of my oils.  Ask my friends…  if you call me with any problem I am going to tell you an oil that will help or make a blend for you to have.  My diffuser is my go to for all things relaxation to sickness.  Kayla Mundt with Haus of Oils is the go to lady in my life for all things Young Living.  My current favorite combo to diffuse is lavender, eucalyptus and peppermint.  All the spa feels.  She also runs an incredible Insta and you should follow her here.

Bath Bombs.  I was not big on long baths until recently.  I don’t take them very often as I usually just have time for a quick shower but every now and then I get a minute or two that I can relax in the bath.  I love the bath bombs that Natural NOLA makes.  I purchased several from them recently and I used them all almost right away.  They are big and you can really smell the flavors.

Candles.  My current favorite candles are Charleston Candle Company and Homesick Candles.  The East Bay Bourbon Cider is my favorite from CCC but if you are going to try it you better act quickly because it was a part of their fall collection and will soon be going away.  I buy them three at a time.

Blankets.  A good, soft blanket is one of the major things you need to make your bed feel cozy and warm.  The Faux Fur Throw from Pottery Barn is so lush it almost feels like real fur.  This is the perfect addition to the end of your bed.  Just make sure the kids know that they cannot get on it.

Loungewear.  Honeydew is my current favorite loungewear.  It is comfortable and cute and soft.  I just ordered my second set from Nordstrom Rack here.

Sheets.  I am a little bit of a sheet snob and have always looked for the best sheets and the highest thread count.  Last year I was looking for a set just as a back up and I grabbed some from Target thinking they would never get used.  Well now they are my favorite sheets and I just bought another set this past weekend.  Organic Cotton Threshold Sheets.

Coffee or Tea.  I am a coffee girl.  I enjoy a cup or two each morning but I have started having a cup with my afternoon snack and sometimes after dinner.  There are several brands like Community and New Orleans Roast have coffee blends that are flavored but are just black coffee.  This means no sugar… and no dairy.  Also, I keep Chameleon brand Cold Brew on hand at all times too.  Both make me feel a little more balanced.

Reading Nook.  Until recently the babies crib was in my bedroom.  When we moved it out and into the big boys room it left a space on my side of the bed.  I decided it would be the perfect space for a little reading nook for me and Big Daddy.  It has grown to be one of my favorite spots in the house.

Everyone says, the days are long but the years are short, and as a mother you know they are right.  I love my kids and being with them so much but it’s still nice to have a little something special for me at the end of the day too.  In reality I know that taking care of myself when I can makes me a better mom and that helps everyone.




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