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Frappy Birthday Pops

There are only so many years for you to plan the silly, cutsie birthday parties before your kids start having opinions and wanting input.  I discovered this about two years ago when my big boys turned 3 and 4.  They wanted to have a Train, Superhero, gymnastics party and I had my sights set on a cute gentleman bash.  Not much has changed as this year they requested a scary shark swimming party and I obliged like a good mom.

So I am still living in my glory with Baby Pops.  Two years old and zero opinions.  He basically still gets excited about empty boxes so his birthday party was going to be fun no matter what I chose to do.  We went through several themes of all of his favorite things and I finally decided on Starbucks.  Frappy Birthday Pops!

His mother, me, has a pretty serious coffee addiction so the apple hasn’t fallen far from the tree so to speak.   He routinely asks for Starbucks so it seemed like the perfect theme.  I was immediately surprised how much party material there was for a Starbucks Party.  Pinterest was of course my best friend.  You can view my Pinterest board here.

Here are a few of the pictures from our day…

The party was a blast.  Everyone including the adults loved it too.  Plenty for everyone to eat and drink and even with the cake being the wrong color it was a blast.



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