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Last Minute Gifts

So Christmas is five days away…  Soak it in…

If you have not finished shopping yet I am here to help.  Of course there are still plenty of local places to shop and get your gifts but if you are needing to shop online your best bet is of course Amazon.  They are still offering some major deals and the two day shipping makes it the easiest shopping trip you will ever make.

Here is my list for the best last minute gifts…

Melissa and Doug Cookie Set – I saw this in a store two days ago and it was $20.  Today it was $13 on amazon and available for prime shipping.  I was looking for one more gift for our Christmas child and this was perfect.  It will be here Thursday.

Bear Claws – I really need to buy a set of these for Big Daddy.  These are pulled pork claws that help you pull the meat without having to get your hands dirty.  Also, if you have ever shredded pork when it came out of the smoker you know it is blazing hot so these will be perfect for not burning your fingers.  I also have heard of people using them to pick up veggies and other things off the grill.

Steel Water Bottle – These are perfect for anyone you need to buy for.  Seriously everyone needs one.  They come in a variety of colors and sizes.  I LOVE mine.

Zipbuds – Ok not to stereotype but we all know that guys are usually the ones who are waiting until the last minuite to get gifts.  Guys if you are looking for something for your wife or girlfriend these are great!

Blanket Scarf – There are about a million ways to tie these and an equal amount of videos on you tube.  I actually did one last year for Northshore Parent here.

Fujifilm Instax Mini Camera –  I have seen a few friends buy these for their families for Christmas.  Seems like it would be a fun gift and something that could get a lot of use on Christmas Day.

Echo Show – Still regretting not grabbing one of these for Big Daddy.  If you are looking for the perfect gift for someone who loved gadgets this is it.  Plus they are still on sale at $149.

Video Projector – This is one of those items that you don’t need until you need it.  Currently in my life I don’t need this on a regular basis but a few weeks ago I could have used it for a presentation I did.  Basically I wouldn’t be sad if this was under the Christmas tree because I probably wouldn’t buy it for myself.

Sous Vide Precision Cooker – Great gift and a GREAT price.  These are usually much more expensive than this especially since this one is blue tooth.

Selfie Ring Light – This would be a fun gift for someone who is hard to buy for.  Finding the right light when taking a selfie isn’t always easy.  This will definitely give you that gorgeous glow.

Portable Oven – This is cool especially for someone who works in an office and is trying not to eat out or stay on a diet.  I can think of several teachers who could put this to good use.

Guac Lock – This is perfect for bringing things to parties and can be used for a lot more than just guacamole.

Don’t fret if you still have people on your list.  There is still time to shop.  Get on it today and enjoy the rest of your week.



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