All Black Leather and Lace

I have been so focused on Christmas that I really haven’t thought a lot about New Years Eve.  We haven’t celebrated at night since we took custody of Peyton almost 6 years ago but before we had kids we were known to throw a pretty epic NYE celebration.  I’m hoping in the next few years we can get back on track with ringing in the New Year in some sort of amazing way rather than snoring through the fireworks but… kids.

New Years Eve this year is on a Sunday so we are trying to do something low key and fun at the house during the day and maybe shooting off a sparkler or two.  Our kids are terrified of fireworks so most years they watch while hiding behind the backseat of the car.  Maybe we should just skip the fireworks and save the money for champagne.

No matter what your plans are for NYE it’s always fun to anticipate the coming year and what it will hold…

So about my outfit.  Just so you know I almost never wear all black.  I don’t have anything against it but I just feel like I enjoy color too much to wear just one.  However this outfit was begging to be monochromatic so I went with it.  But the addition of the fur coat kind of took it to the next level…


Top // Pants // Coat (similar) // Necklace // Earrings // Shoes

2017 has been good to us…  like REALLY good to us but I am still really looking forward to what 2018 has to offer.  We have some amazing things planned both personally and professionally and I have some exciting new things happening for the blog.  Get ready for We Five Kings in 2018!




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