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Lilly Pulitzer with Tights and Booties

A few months back I did a post about how Lilly Pulitzer had so many incredible options for fall.  They have been pigeon holed as a spring/summer/resort wear line and the truth is they are so much more.  I had a fitting with the ladies at Palm Village Mandeville – A Lilly Pulitzer Store on Wednesday morning.  My original post idea was to show my readers all the options they had for New Years Eve.  When I got to the store and started pulling looks I changed my focus because there were so many amazing options to put with tights and boots.

I don’t think that many people would think that Lilly Pulitzer would be the place to find a dress that would work with tights and boots but my goal in this blog is to help you think outside of the norm so that you can make outfits that are unique and fun.  I found pieces that would work for Christmas, New Years and well into the winter which will maximize your ability to wear these pieces outside of a fancy event.

I was wearing black tights and leopard booties when I went to the fitting so after I decided to forego my original New Years Eve post I pulled items that would work with my shoes.  However most of the dresses they have in their winter collection would work with a low profile bootie and a nice thick opaque tight.  Low profile booties tend to have a dressier look so they would continue that dressy look with the dresses and outfits I chose.

Here are my five picks…

I just did a post a few weeks ago about wearing shorts in winter with leggings.  This was the perfect dressier option.  Lilly has a lot of shorts metallic shorts for winter.  They would be the perfect addition to your wardrobe if you are getting away to a a sunny locale in these cold months but if you aren’t this is the way to wear them in the winter.  Also, these gold short are the perfect thing to add to your Mardi Gras wardrobe.  I mean we never know what the weather is going to be like for Mardi Gras so you could end up wearing them with a tank or fleece lined tights and a sweater.  Either way it would look perfect.


This dress is gorgeous but even more fun when you are walking or dancing because the fringe has this beautiful flow to it.  If you are attending a non-formal ball for Mardi Gras this would be perfect.  I’m looking at you Prima Donnas.  Even though this dress has a pattern in the fabric and the fringe you can still mix it with another pattern.  I liked having the plain tights to break it up a little from the dress to the shoe.


I know that the color of the year for 2017 was greenery but we all can agree that the people chose rose gold.  It’s literally everywhere especially in holiday fashion.  This dress was so pretty in person because the jacquard pattern was metallic and had a great contrast to the lighter blush color of the dress.  It was a little bit of everything from textured fabric to metallic to cold shoulder to ruffles.  I wanted to call it the all in one dress.


Again another perfect dress for a low key Mardi Gras ball or party or even if you want to be a little fancy for a parade.  Such a beautiful shade of plum mixed with the metallic of the gold texture.  I think this would look amazing with a black tight to a black boot for a more monochromatic look on the bottom.  Put this with a small necklace and a big statement earring and you have an event dress to carry you through to March.


Out of the five dresses I tried on this was the most form fitting and most comfortable of all of them.  It was lined with the softest jersey slip I have every felt and it skimmed my body perfectly.  In the light there is a little iridescent shine to the kit which made it look like a upscale sweater dress.  This dress is also the most versatile as it would work with a flat, heel, wedge, bootie or OTK boot.  I also think this would be an excellent holiday to Mardi Gras purchase.


Early Mardi Gras in 2018 means we can look for holiday pieces that will transition to the carnival season.  Parties, Parades, meetings with the Krewe queens and such will soon be here and we need to bring on the fancy.  I think any of these looks would fit that bill.

Also, in exciting news we will be partnering with Palm Village Mandeville in 2018 and bringing you content and fittings from their store monthly.  When you visit the store or are calling in to purchase items please mention that you heard about them from my blog.



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