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My Extravagant Christmas List

Big Daddy and I still make Christmas lists for one another.  It’s one of my favorite parts of the Christmas season.  He usually starts asking me what is on my list in October so that he can start planning.  I always ask him what’s on his but I usually know what I want to get him long before he gives me any suggestions.  In our conversations about Christmas we always talk about what extravagant Christmas gifts we would buy one another if money was no object.  It’s fun to dream and plan together and we always get excited about opening gifts together.

A few years ago we started the tradition of opening our gifts, just the two of us, on Christmas Eve.  As an avid Christmas-morning-only-present-opener this was a big adjustment for me.  In reality, it is very nice to be able to watch one another open gifts and have a cocktail.  Christmas day is just so bust with the hustle and bustle that it’s a wonderful opportunity to steal a little time away.  Me and you… just us two.

This year I asked for a lot of really practical things.  Just two actually.  A DSLR camera and to change out all the light bulbs in the house to white so that I can take better pictures.  I know that he will have some little things for me to open on Christmas Eve just because that’s just how he is but no big surprises this year.  So I started day dreaming about what would be on my list if price was no object and I put together a little list for y’all.  I mean a girl can dream can’t she???

So here is my Extravagant Christmas List…

Fur.  Say what you want but the first thing on the top of my list would be a fur.  A real deal fur.  I have always wanted a soft little fur jacket and I could have one million faux ones for the same price but I would love to wear this all winter long.  Bonus is that it would be in a color because it’s just EXTRA.

Shoes.  Red bottom shoes are a must have on any extravagant list.  They are just a staple in the fancy, no expense spared closet.  I often wonder if I owned a pair if I would never want to wear them in fear that I would scuff the bottoms???

Bag.  Classic… black… signature bamboo Gucci handle.  It’s everything my heart desires.  All the Gucci goodness rolled up into one fabulous handbag.

Sandals.  Because who doesn’t need a $400 pair of flip flops???  If we are going extravagant than I am also going to imagine myself in a resort over the Christmas holidays and for that I need these Valentino sandals.

Jeans.  This is the most practical of the impractical.  The right pair of jeans and you can rule the world so I feel like I need these Dolce and Gabbana skinny jeans.

Pants.  Leather pants to be clear.  If I’m going big or I’m going home I am going for the real deal leather…

Jewelry.  Sparkly and bright.  The perfect Christmas gift.  Wear it alone or ask for siblings.  This bracelet is dainty enough to wear as a stack so you might as well ask for three.

Sunglasses.  Feeding my addiction.  I have a love affair with sunglasses but even more with embellished sunglasses.  These would be the premier piece in my collection.  They make me want to say meow….

Flats.  Is it even a real extravagant list if you don’t include a pair of Manolos?  I don’t think it is.  I have always looked at these in the pumps but there is something about this flat that catches my eye and makes me think it’s probably more of a reality in my actual life.

Dress.  Last but not least would be the perfect little Alexander McQueen mini dress.  I am picturing this with the perfect cropped leather jacket which leads me to just one more in my list…

Jacket.  Ok this may be the second most practical thing on my list.  I mean this would get worn… a lot.

Here’s hoping you find at least one thing you asked for under your tree this year.  Christmas is the time for surprises so make your list and check it twice and maybe you’ll find out if you have been naughty or nice…






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  1. Tiffany,

    I was in attendance at the OMSA today when you spoke about current fashion trends and offered wise guidance during a season of crazy chaos. Your enthusiasm is so charming and you gave wonderful advice. Thank you for the fashion lessons and seasonal tips!

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