Leather Shorts for Winter

I spend a lot of time shopping in stores and online to keep up with the new styles and trends.  Last month I stumbled upon these amazing faux leather shorts at Mackenzie and Me and decided to try them.  In Louisiana our winters are mild enough that we can wear shorts from time to time especially if it’s paired with a long sleeve top but not everyone has that option.  So how would you wear these if you weren’t living in a temperate climate like ours.

This was one of the first things I asked Mackenzie when I was shopping with her.  We both decided that the right pair of tights would look perfect with it.  I also knew that I was going to incorporate fur into my outfit too because I love the look of the leather against the fur.

One thing that I love is hidden details in clothing.  These shorts came with these amazing zippers on either side of the waist.  I loved that you had the option of wearing a top untucked like I did or tucked in to show off the zippers.

So lets talk about the rest of the outfit.  I pulled all of this out of my own closet.  When I was purchasing the shorts I was mentally running through everything I own in my head.  I had an idea of what I wanted to do and knew that I more than likely owned everything I needed.  The top was from Nordstrom rack and the vest was a last season purchase from Cabi.

Putting this together was easy.  Deciding where I am going to wear it has not.  Maybe this weekend…

Photos by Melissa Breedlove Photography




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