Sheer Layering and How to Wear It

So a few months ago when I was doing some research for the blog I came across this Trends for Fall article.  In it they were talking about sheer layering and specifically sheer turtlenecks.  I love the look of layering for Fall and Winter but it’s not always possible in our climate.  Sometimes we are lucky to even be able to wear thin sweaters consistently so adding layers doesn’t always work.  Sheer layering however give the look of added textures without adding the bulk of the additional clothing.

A few months ago I found this dress at TJ Maxx and planned on adding it in to my fall wardrobe.  I thought once the temps dropped I could put a jacket over it and wear it like that.  Well on a shopping trip to Au Darling one day I found this awesome sheer body suit and knew just hoe I would wear it.  It paired perfectly with the grey shift dress and made the grey in the pattern pop.

So this is my take on how I would wear and style my sheer layers and I also have a few bonus outfits at the bottom of the post…

Dress (similar) // Mesh Body Suit  (similar)// Booties (similar) // Bracelets // Earrings

Some guidelines for using sheer layering…

  1. Make sure your base layer is a body suit or sized down.  It will help to keep a clean look under your top layer and lay more smoothly.
  2. Monochromatic, coordinating or analogous colors will all work with sheer layering as well as mixing patterns and textures.  This is a fun way to show your personal style.
  3. Think about things you have in your closet that you could add a sheer layer too rather than buying a new dress or sweater.

Here are some outfit ideas for you…

{This post contains affiliate links.  All thoughts, ideas and opinions are mine}

Option One – Pop of Color



Option Two – Monochromatic with Texture

Option Three – Mixed Pattern


Option Four – Tank and Button Down



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