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Thank Heavens for Little Boys

So recently I have been getting some requests to add little boys into my menswear posts.  I love to dress my boys as much as I love to dress Big Daddy so I am excited to look at boys fall clothing.  I am usually one to shop in the summer during the July sales and stock up for fall because it seems that is when they have the best sales.  As long as you are ok with shopping in last seasons styles for staples this is a great thing to put on your calendar.  July for Fall/winter and January for Spring/Summer.  I generally buy the bulk of my stuff on sale (jeans, dress pants, tees and athletic pants) and then I wait until closer to the season to buy the more seasonal trends (jackets, shirts, sweaters and accessories).

This year I had to take a good look at what I had that would be passed from one boy to the next and also how much I would really need now that Peyton is in a uniform five days a week and Pax is in one three days a week.  This drastically reduced the amount of clothes I was going to need because my kids never want to change after school.  I don’t get it but they are totally comfortable staying in their uniform until they change to go to bed.

So I am going to break this down into three categories: Boys, Toddler Boys and then Baby Boys.  Being that each age is kind of at a different stage it’s great to have a idea of what you need for each stage.


Baby Boys

I like to keep it pretty basic for the baby.  I prefer doing a vest over a bulky coat at this age and I also love a good heavy weight cardigan as an outwear option.  We don’t get that many really cold days here so it is easy for them to layer.  Also, when playing the vest is the way to go.  I also love an all in one because they are just easier pieces for little ones to wear especially before they are sitting up.  I usually do a variety of knit tops and bottoms and then a few button ups and dress pants.  I am loving joggers for my thin waist long legged boys because you don’t have to worry about them dragging the ground.

My ideal capsule wardrobe for the baby would be the following: 1 outwear vest, 2 cardigans, 5 all-in-one style outfits, 5 tee shirt type tops, 4 button downs, 4 knit pants, 1 pair of jeans, 2 pairs of dressier pants or joggers.  I also add in holiday pieces like tees for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas plus a nice outfit for the two latter holidays.







Big Boys

So my philosophy for dressing the big boys is relatively the same as dressing the baby.  I keep it pretty simple and like to mix and match a lot.  My big boys have less hand me downs than the baby does but they usually still have a few lingering pieces from the season before.  Like this year it looks like they will be able to wear their Christmas sweaters again which is great because it was 80 degrees last year for Christmas so they only wore their sweaters for a max 10 minutes.

With their wardrobes I usually get them a vest but will usually invest in a jacket too.  I typically buy something that it more lightweight so it can be layered under.  I am again a huge fan of joggers.  All of my kids have narrow waist and hips and long legs so their pants are almost always too long for them.  Joggers definitely give them a better look than rolling their pants.  Both of my big boys wear uniforms so their street wear is mainly for the weekends, birthday parties, church and the all important brunch.

My ideal capsule wardrobe for my big boys would be the following: 1 outwear vest, 1 light weight jacket, 2 sweaters, 7 long sleeve tees, 4 button downs, 4 pairs of athletic pants, 1 pair of jeans, 2 pairs of dressy pants or joggers.  I would also add holiday tees and a nice outfit for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  I usually buy them a few accessories too like a bow tie or suspenders or vests.  Last year was the first time Peyton got a sport coat.

I am always open to suggestions on posts like this so if you want to see more just let me know and I will start adding them into my regular content for the month.  Hope this points you in the right direction before the weather gets cold.



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