A Story of Cropped Jeans and the Search for the Perfect Shoes

I will admit that I was not a fan of cropped jeans when they hit the scene last season.  In fact, you can ask my friend Brandi, I had A LOT of opinions about how much I disliked them.  I am not really sure what happened to me between spring and fall but they started to grow on me… a little.  Well then one day I came across this pair of jeans on Nordstrom Rack and I just felt like I had to have them.  I was picturing them paired with a white tank and I had several jacket and kimono options in mind.




Jeans: Democracy (similar), Nordstrom Rack.  Also love these and these.  Tank: Old Navy.  Also this.  Kimono: Target.  Also love this.  Jewelry: Necklace, Earrings (similar), Bracelet.  Also love this, this and these.  Shoes: Target.


The thing I kept thinking about before they came in was what shoes I was going to wear with them.  They ended up being longer than I thought they were going to be so I trimmed off a little of the bottom.  Since it was a raw hem it was easy to do it myself.  P.S. I am kind of glad that is a trend because I am not a tall girl so I have to have jeans hemmed a lot.  This is so much easier.

Unlike a lot of other jeans styles you are going to need the right shoes to go with this look.  The cropped leg makes it a little more challenging but the flare also throws you a curve ball too.  You want to make sure that you allow the ankle to be exposed or totally covering it with your shoes and you need have a shoe that isn’t going to touch the hem of the jean and make them look baggy.  These are a few of the shoes I would pair these jeans with…

These d’Orsay ballet flats would be the perfect pick.  The pointed toe would elongate the foot and with the flared hem it would make your ankles look skinny which is a total bonus.  Plus the top of the foot being exposed would show enough skin to show off the cropped length of the jean.

This boot has a mid calf shaft height.  It would leave you leg completely covered and stay under the hem of the pant.  Cute look especially if you want to wear these jeans in the middle of winter.

In order for a shoe like this to work you would want to make sure that the top of the boot came below your ankle bone.  You want to make sure that you are getting that little peek of skin between the top of your shoe and the hem of your jeans.

Also, an option if you are looking to pair them with a more summer shoe.

Best for last.  I love this shoe and even if you don’t buy the jeans you should buy this shoe.  It would look phenomenal with the jeans and a million other things in your closet.

So now you are ready to get your own cropped jeans!  I would love to see your pictures on how you are wearing this trend do send them to me on Instagram and Facebook.



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