Menswear – 5 shoes your man needs for Fall

I am really enjoying writing a monthly menswear post.  It is definitely making me more attentive to Big Daddy’s wardrobe which I know he loves.  I have been adding to his fall wardrobe here and there.  This year he really needed some new jackets so I am planning that to be my October post.

In looking through his closet and assessing what he needs to get from season to season I often forget to look at what shoes he has.  Usually it’s not until we are going somewhere and I have planned an outfit for him and I’m like ugh he doesn’t have the right shoes.  It got me thinking about what the right seasonal shoe collection is for men.  Obviously men don’t have the use for as many pairs of shoes as women but most do need more than the two or three pairs they typically have (sneakers, dress and casual or flip flops).  I decided to put together a list of what I think are the five must have pairs of shoes for men this season.  Plus there is one bonus pair at the end of the post.

{This post is an affiliate post for Nordstrom.  All thoughts, choices and opinions are mine}

Boots…  A boot is really essential in any wardrobe for the fall and winter.  These could be worn with jeans, chinos and some dress pants.  THey would also fit in perfectly to the trend of cuffing the bottom of your jeans or if your man is fashion forward he may even be rocking a banded leg pant.  All of these types of pants would work perfectly with these boots.

These boots would be great for a casual Friday look for work or a weekend night out.  They would not work with a suit or really professional outfit.


Casual Oxford…  This is one of my personal favorite men’s shoe.  Its the perfect combination of dressy and casual and will fit so many of your needs.  It’s also going to limit complaining about uncomfortable dress shoes.  This shoe is a dressy oxford on the top but a more casual sneaker base on the bottom.  This shoe would work perfectly with jeans and chinos or even some dress pants.  Think dressy in the way of pants, button down, jacket but no tie looks.  This would mean that depending on your environment these could be considered work appropriate.  They would also fit into your weekend wardrobe both day and night.

The dark color also lends itself to being paired with black, navy and brown.  Versatility is a great find in men’s shoes again because they don’t tend to own as many pairs of shoes.  Versatile shoes will give them all the options.


Dressed Up Tennis Shoe…  I am loving the sneaker trend that has been happening these last few seasons.  If you knew me you would know that up until about a year ago I was not a fan of sneakers other than for the gym.  However a lot of the designers have been making some really amazing, fashion forward sneakers that I have just fallen in love with.  These sneakers immediately caught my eye because they look like a traditional tennis shoe but are made out of a dressier leather.  They have a lovely dress shoe appeal but would work great with all of your casual outfits.  These would work perfectly with a pair of chinos or your casual denim but could also be dressed up to work with your evening dark denim looks too.  Although they are not work appropriate they could work for a casual Friday look…

Slip On Sneaker…  Ok, so why do we need two pairs of casual sneakers.  I will tell you.  The first pair I showed you would work with pants but not as well with shorts.  This pair will work well with shorts and pants.  If you were choosing between the two I would get this pair and not the lace ups because you have other suggestions in this post that would cover you for those needs.  Being that we live in the south it is possible for us to be wearing shorts well into the fall and sometimes the winter.  For that reason you will need a more casual shoe that would work with lets say a pair of shorts and a long sleeved tee.  This would hit the mark.  For those of you that don’t live in the deep south this is a great weekend show.  You could wear it with denim or joggers and even chinos.


Driving Moc…  Some people may say that a driving moc is out of style right now but to me a good loafer will always have a place in your closet.  These can work with anything from a casual suit to a pair of shorts and literally everything in between.  Things I would stay away from when wearing this shoe would be your more trendy pieces like joggers and a skinny jean.

Bonus if he needs a good pair of dress shoes…  So this is our bonus shoe.  I wrote this post assuming that most men would have a pair of dress shoes but if they do not this is a great pair.  Again the color is versatile that it could be worn with a variety of  colors.  It’s also not so dressy that it could only work with a suit and tie.  It would work with a lot of options and maybe even some denim.  I also picked this shoe because the price point is perfect.



Definitely take into consideration your wardrobe and own personal style when choosing shoes.  They are an investment piece and you want to make sure that they shoes you choose will work with your clothes and also your lifestyle.



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