Farewell White

So today is Labor Day and the official end of the summer season.  Here in the south that means we are supposed to put away our seersucker, summer pastels, linen and white.  The thing that has always been strange to me about these “rules” is that we all know summer is long from over in Louisiana.  Last year we were wearing shorts on Christmas so why the need to get rid of what is considered summer fabrics so soon?

Dress: Palm Village Mandeville – A Lilly Pulitzer Store

I’m not too sad about putting away my seersucker, linen and pastels.  I embrace the fall fully so I really do enjoy the change from the light colors to the darks and the fabric weight changing from light to heavy.  I do however dislike losing white clothing.  Personally I love white in any season.  It is crisp and its clean and it looks good with just about anything.

I don’t like the term rules so I’m going to make my own guidelines for ways you can incorporate white into your wardrobe after Labor Day…


Dress: Au Darling

Do What You Want.  Right off the bat you should do whatever makes you happy.  If you want to wear all white, all day long,  all winter long than do it.  Good for you.  As with anything you wear if you feel confident than you look good and that is all that matters.

Winter White.  This is a great in-between in case you just still aren’t ok with going totally bright white.  Shades like beige and ivory are also great choices to keep things light but stay within the rules of no white after Labor Day.

White Jeans.  So this is what truly made me break up with the no white after Labor Day rule.  I just love my white jeans and Easter to Labor Day in the south is hot.  The amount of times that I get to wear them is just not enough in my opinion so I like to keep them around for fall and winter.  My white jeans just pair well with chambray, blush, black and I love to wear them with a thick sweater and a bootie.  Basically they are a denim staple all year round.

White Shoes.  This may be an unpopular opinion but I don’t like white shoes.  Ever.  After the age of 12 I just don’t find them cute on many people so this is an item that I am ok with staying in the spring and summer months.

So enjoy the last day of your Labor Day weekend.  I will be spending the day at the pool and organizing my fall wardrobe…




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