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Halloween Bingo

Last week when I was driving around my subdivision I noticed how many homes were decorated for Halloween. We always have a lot of houses decorated but this was more than normal. I wanted to think of a fun way for everyone to get out and see the houses that had put so much effort into decorating. I put out a message on our subdivision Facebook page and asked for the addresses of the houses that wanted to be included in a Halloween bingo.

We usually have a big Halloween here with lots of houses handing out candy and trick or treaters. It is an exciting night and one I have grown to love so much since moving here. As a whole I know a lot of the neighbors will be handing out candy but there will be families who can’t or aren’t comfortable going out with everyone. Halloween Bingo to the rescue.

I created two bingos for your to download for free. The first is a bingo with Halloween items for you to find anywhere and everywhere. The second you could fill in with addresses of houses you know are decorated or houses you want to boo. Either way there is fun for everyone!

Halloween Bingo Card Free Download

Halloween Bingo Blank Card Free Download

Another idea! You could take candy with you in the car and hand a little out to the kids each time you mark something off of your bingo card. Literally the sky is the limit and you can make it as fun as you want!



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