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5 Fashion ‘Rules’ You Should Be Breaking

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5 fashion rules to break: Target brown and black stripe with Gwynnie Bee Horse pattern skirt.
Target brown and black stripe with Gwynnie Bee Horse pattern skirt.

What arbitrary fashion rules did you learn growing up? No white after labor day? Short women can’t wear long dresses? No socks or tights with open toe shoes? As long as I can remember I thought that black and brown was a total no no. I am unsure where these ‘rules’ come from but here we love to break them! Today I am outlining 5 fashion ‘rules’ that you need to be breaking this season!

Black and Brown

I don’t know why this ever became a thing. I think some people just love to make rules. Black and brown are both neutrals and they pair together in a really lovely and earthy way. I will save the black and navy argument for another day but they go together too.

White After Labor Day

I feel like this was a total fashion industry thing to encourages people to participate in seasonal buying. There is nothing that encourages people to buy more clothing than making a rule. White is beautiful and pretty in any season. White jeans, boots and accessories will stand out against your fall and winter colors. I love white sweater dresses for holiday parties and my white booties are a staple in my closet. I need to update this post but here are a few white things you need for fall.

Short Women Can’t Wear Long Dresses

Short women shouldn’t wear long dresses they are going to trip over but there is a tailor for that! The only thing that I would say on this is that you want to make sure it isn’t too long and you are holding it up all night or you are stepping on the hem. Get it tailored to your height and enjoy your elegant long dress. There is a big misconception about length making things look shorter because in reality long dresses elongate the body and make you appear taller. Just call me myth busters.

Shoes and Bag or Belt Should Always Match

This is not only silly it is super limiting. Bags and shoes are accessories and there is no reason that they need to match. In fact having them not match makes an entire outfit more interesting.

Age Appropriate

This is probably my biggest pet peeve. Listen to me. Wear What You Want. The end. There is literally nothing else to say. Wear What You Want.

5 fashion rules to break: Target brown and black stripe with Gwynnie Bee Horse pattern skirt.



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